[Woodfloor] Woodfloor Current Living Room Situation Still Can’t Decide Which Wallpaper To Go With Thank You For All Of Your Comments Messages And Emails It Looked Like Not Everyone Was As

Woodfloor Current Living Room Situation Still Can’t Decide Which Wallpaper To Go With Thank You For All Of Your Comments Messages And Emails It Looked Like Not Everyone Was As

Current living room situation still can't decide which wallpaper to go with. Thank you for all of your comments messages and emails. it looked like not everyone was as enthusiastic about the pineapple wallpaper as I was so I decided to keep it simple by going with something neutral. Now if I can only make a decision about which neutral to go with . I feel like I looked at a million samples and just can't find the perfect shade and texture to work with my floors and sofas . too light too dark too much texture not enough texture etc. When I'm home I spend most my time in this room that is why it's so important to me to get this right. I'll continue looking and will keep you posted. P.S. I still LOVE the pineapple wallpaper and just ordered it for my powder room. Can't wait to share it when it's installed

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  1. benatgirl555lovesgm says:

    Pick the one at 6 o'clock (bottom center)

  2. josephraymond_fineart says:

    Hey now......that could almost be arranged to be the art itself!😉lol

  3. outdoorzykate says:

    Grey one...far left top 😍

  4. design2build.ny says:


  5. rophotosydesignz says:

    small “milk wash”?..yellowy ivory sample more towards lower right side

  6. katerumson says:

    @benatgirl555lovesgm I guess I'm looking for something light and neutral, but interesting. No, I'm not familiar with marble wallpaper but it does sound very interesting.

  7. benatgirl555lovesgm says:

    @katerumson ok here's an example:https://www.houzz.com/product/80415079-white-marble-wall-art-wallpaper-peel-and-stick-contemporary-wallpaper.

  8. benatgirl555lovesgm says:

    @katerumson I got this idea Mr Kate(a couple that does make overs on YouTube.) You can check this out when she does Alicia Marie's(famous on YouTube) bedroom. One wall had the marble wall paper

  9. amyg_ca says:

    Not sure I like the darker ones?? Hard to tell from a small photo. I like the lighter shades. Not a fan of the really warm yellow-brown shades near the upper left side. I like the neutral milky one as was mentioned by @rophotosydesignz but depends if you want the room airy or cozier??

  10. themodestrose says:

    Hello. Would you mind sharing where you got your floors and color or item number? Thank you in advance 😊

  11. katerumson says:

    @beyondloveandmotherhood Of course! I LOVE my floors! They are by @duchateauofficial in color Como :)

  12. katerumson says:

    @amyg_ca I actually agree with you and looking for the same thing! Milky, creamy and light, nothing dark :)

  13. themodestrose says:

    @katerumson thank you so much!!! 😍😍😍

  14. j1cd says:

    I'm just wondering, when the wall paper gets to the kitchen where does it stop? You were moving quick in your video, but it looked like there is a gap between where the kitchen back splash stops and where you might stop the wall paper. How are you dealing with the bold look of the back splash and the design of the wallpaper? Especially if they meet... thanks.

  15. dinalynnk74 says:

    Hi love your style, I was wondering if you had a basement

  16. nicki_savage96 says:

    Love your style. That millwork is amazing. But I can't help but wonder why you didn't put the curtain rod up higher 🤔

  17. katerumson says:

    @dinalynnk74 Thank you so much! No, no basement, my house is on slab :)

  18. lenavoyevoda says:

    Go with something a little lighter then your sofa, so the focus of the room is not a bold wallpaper, unless that's what you want the focus of the room to be

  19. katerumson says:

    @nicki_savage96 Thank you so much! The rod and window panels you're seeing in this picture are temporary. I will be installing a different rod right under the crown moldings as soon as my wallpaper is installed :)

  20. sheli_antoinette says:

    I would say choose the one with with a hint of blush pink. It will compliment the room and look really nice next to the kitchen.

  21. katerumson says:

    @j1cd Hi! I'm planning on running wallpaper into my kitchen cabinets and backsplash. I'm not concerned about the pattern of the backsplash clashing with the pattern of wallpaper because my wallpaper will not have a pattern, I'll be installing simple, neutral, textured wallpaper. And yes, I left a gap in crown moldings between the living room and kitchen to separate the two spaces. That gap will be filled in with wallpaper. I promise I'll dedicate a few IG stories about that specific area, many people inquired about it. I guess it will all make sense once the wallpaper is installed :)

  22. j1cd says:

    @katerumson thank you, I look forward to seeing it completely.

  23. katerumson says:

    @lenavoyevoda Thank you! Yes, I'm planning to go with something light. This townhouse doesn't have a lot of natural light, so I need to make sure I don't make it feel darker

  24. katerumson says:

    @sheli_antoinette Thank you!

  25. lenavoyevoda says:

    @katerumson I agree! You made a lot of great choices so far.. and I'm loving the way it's all coming together!

  26. sheli_antoinette says:

    @katerumson you are most certainly welcome!!!

  27. jecl_88 says:

    Off topic but where did you get the sofa coffee glass table?

  28. katerumson says:

    @jhm_88 I got it at HomeGoods:)

  29. one_gypsy_road says:

    Love the pink/blush shade. Loving pink right now

  30. cjwhitehead says:

    I love the birch looking ones

  31. ladygurl619 says:

    I like the grayish one far left. Or go warm-lighter if you're keeping that loveseat. Do you think the rose gold trend will be big through the holidays?

  32. gcmyrza says:

    Love the soft pink!

  33. katerumson says:

    @ladygurl619 Thank you! Yes my sofas are new. I do think the rose gold trend will be big for a while :)

  34. hynitah says:

    That looks like art! Pretty cool!

  35. tanyahazou says:

    I like the 1st sample in the 1st row & the 1st sample in the last row. They are perfection in color & texture. Right in the middle. Not too light, not too dark. Not too much texture & not enough. But I need a close up. Lol.

  36. _poupee_frenchdoll says:

    This would be nice with the actual wood pieces

  37. amorettoboutique says:

    Love your style! Do you mind sharing where you buy your wallpaper from?

  38. topi521 says:

    What is the name of the color you ended up with?

  39. katerumson says:

    @amorettoboutique Thank you! My wallpaper is by @thibaut_1886

  40. katerumson says:

    Regatta Raffia, pattern number T5711 by @thibaut_1886 :)

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