[Woodfloor] Incredible Grain Accents By Foglerjr Finishing Some Stair Treads Woodfloor

Incredible Grain Accents By Foglerjr Finishing Some Stair Treads Woodfloor

Incredible grain accents by foglerjr Finishing some stair treads rubiomonocoat

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  1. rubiomonocoatusa says:

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  2. rcc_woodworks says:

    Amazing products!

  3. rubiomonocoatusa says:

    @rhys_r_woodworks thank you!

  4. kirkdozekfloors says:


  5. smithandcobuild says:

    Cool video. Love your product 🖤 use it all the time

  6. rubiomonocoatusa says:

    @smithandcobuild awesome! Thanks for being a part of the Rubio fam!

  7. mazurwoodworks says:


  8. elite_art_services_llc says:

    What material is it ?

  9. foglerjr says:

    @elite_art_services_llc white oak fumed with 5% white

  10. ozark_flooring says:

    How do you get the white only in the grain?

  11. rusticduckfurniture says:

    @jake.hilbert things like oak and ash have very open grains, so basically skimming over with a "white" product as above will !eave the product in the grain and no where else. Its a cool look :)

  12. rubiomonocoatusa says:

    @jake.hilbert to add to @rusticduckfurniture, the oil used is our White 5% which contains half the pigmentation of our regular White. This allows for the pigmentation to pool in the soft grain and leave less pigmentation on the hard grain. Makes for an awesome effect!

  13. franksrjrvflooring says:

    Can you add an oil base coat of polyurethane after putting monocoat?

  14. rubiomonocoatusa says:

    @frankjvt_12 we do not recommend costing over our product with any other.

  15. damerondapper says:

    What do you put on the wood before the white?

  16. rubiomonocoatusa says:

    @damerondapper it looks like it has one of our pretreatment options. Either Precolor Easy or a reactive stain.

  17. damerondapper says:

    @rubiomonocoatusa thanks for the response. What would you recommend for cherry lumber? I’ve not seen any videos of rubio

  18. damerondapper says:

    On cherry.

  19. rubiomonocoatusa says:

    @damerondapper we recommend our Oil Plus 2C for interior applications. You can also use the optional Precolor Easy for complimentary or contrasting effects.

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