[Woodfloor] Woodfloor Time For Floortalk Hey Y’all Thanks For Joining Us I’m Gonna Be Moving Floortalk To 5 Pm For The Next Few Weeks Then I Might Try Mid Afternoon I’m Trying To Find A Good Time For

Woodfloor Time For Floortalk Hey Y’all Thanks For Joining Us I’m Gonna Be Moving Floortalk To 5 Pm For The Next Few Weeks Then I Might Try Mid Afternoon I’m Trying To Find A Good Time For

Time for Floortalk Hey y'all. Thanks for joining us. I'm gonna be moving Floortalk to 5 pm for the next few weeks. Then I might try mid afternoon. I'm trying to find a good time for everyone so everyone can participate (Any recommendations on a time that works better for y'all drop me a DM ) Floortalk is a weekly opportunity to talk shop with hundreds of other great wood flooring pro's right here on Instagram. We are here to learn from each other Tonight's Topic: MARKETING How do you market yourself Obviously we all use IG but how well does it do for you and your business Do you use any other forms of social media Which one works best for you Do you rely on search engines Do you track the source of your leads Do you have a website Do you use Houzz Angie's List Home Advisor or BBB If so which one works best for you And since each of those differ from region to region where are you located Have you read any books on Marketing that have helped you tremendously I also want to take this time to say that I'm sorry for anyone in Texas that was affected by Hurricane Harvey or anyone that had family there Let's all say a prayer for everyone in Texas. As you are trying to put your life back together know that are being thought of and that we're praying for you Y'all I do this weekly gathering of the minds so that we can learn from each other. Because we're here to learn from each other help each other support each other and most of all: KEEP THIS TRADE ALIVE So please participate and share your stories your thoughts your ideas. What you found to work for you the mistakes you've learned from. Let's keep it friendly. We are all floor guys BROTHERS who love our trade. Let's work together to advance our trade and this industry. Let's keep our trade alive Tonight's colorfully creative floor was brought to you by ecoflooring Go give them a follow

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  1. ptlhardwoodfloors says:

    @coloradocustomfloors I hear what you're saying but I have gotten leads based on my posting on manufactures FB site.

  2. coloradocustomfloors says:

    Exactly @fishtacofiveoh there is no need to post products cause we all know what they are anyway and if you need a specific question answered you can DM. The only reason to post the products is for money?? I use a ton of stuff and I'm not getting paid that's for sure, nor do I want too. I'd rather see us post the process and job description, not only will it help you develop your own market by being known as "the guy" who does that specific technique the best but it strengths the presence on IG for the right people US instead of the already rich and getting richer THEM. People get on IG and search white oak or custom stain not xyz distributor or AAA stain company, we can build a much stronger hive minded portfolio by #tagging the work and eachother then XYZ DIST!!

  3. coloradocustomfloors says:

    It will take a month or two but eventually we will have secured the entire market share for hardwood flooring in this platform....then we go to the next and the next........

  4. remarkablefloors says:

    @sapwoodworking @allstatefloorcoverings @ptlhardwoodfloors @coloradocustomfloors @all_wood_floors @fishtacofiveoh @natekelly57 products don't matter as much as the professionals hands they are in! βœŠοΈπŸ‘ŠπŸ» #hardwoodbrethren

  5. coloradocustomfloors says:

    That's great @ptlhardwoodfloors!! I would encourage you to keep doing what works for you, I say this in confidence because I know you are in the minority, just wait until you see what we can do as one giant marketing entity, IT WILL BE A MONSTER!!!

  6. coloradocustomfloors says:

    Couldn't be more true @remarkablefloors

  7. lawsonfloors says:

    @sapwoodworking 1983 Master race πŸ’ͺ

  8. ridered23 says:

    That's more or less why I rarely hashtag anything. @coloradocustomfloors I don't really get jobs from IG anyways. I'm more here to see what type of stuff other good floor guys/craftsmen do like yourself.

  9. allstatefloorcoverings says:

    ☝️I agree @coloradocustomfloors. For years a distributor promised to get me work by buying there or buying certain products. All bs. We all got here because we are pursuing better for ourselves we should be a little selfish sometimes and think what's best for our business and family. Not what "they " want us to think or do.

  10. woodfloorconcepts says:

    @coloradocustomfloors I like the idea. I used to talk to my customers at estimates, about the specific products we would use. I've stopped doing that for a couple of reasons. First, they don't know the products, and they won't remember them anyway. Second, it gives us the freedom to make changes on the job site if we need to. We should be the ones who specify the specifics anyway, based on our professional expertise. I don't see how it helps us to promote their products to our customer. After all, we know WHO the warranties depend on anyway.

  11. coloradocustomfloors says:

    We need specific #tags for each process and tag them religiously, that way when someone searches #inlay its 1000 pics of all of our work not of someone's showroom.

  12. all_wood_floors says:

    Well said @sapwoodworking nd looking forward to what's in store and your right @remarkablefloors

  13. coloradocustomfloors says:

    Exactly @fishtacofiveoh and @allstatefloorcoverings and @ridered23 and even though you don't get work from here contributing to this will create a ripple effect in the industry, once we get xyz distributor and AAA STAIN company to bend the rest will follow suit, that's what they do, they are terrible at business they react to eachother instead of the market, that's why all the pricing is similar which has lead them straight into collusion, wether they knew it or not it was inevitable, they now collude against us by proxy if not by plan, either way we lose, this is a way to steer them back onto a coarse that we need to be on to be successful

  14. allstatefloorcoverings says:

    I remember I've created my own stain samples to bring to clients on a bigger board and had labeled them to my "own" mix It is heavy but once my client saw the colors they would say. That's what I want They can't go anywhere else with the color name and brand. They had to use me. πŸ˜‚ witch any floor guys knows color names and numbers. They competitors haven't seen my samples. All they had was a piece a paper with pictures in it so small. Call me buster. But it got me a lot of jobs πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  15. genius.rick says:

    I think products do matter. If your using Roberts parquet glue it won't last. Don't even get me going on Bona. Proper use and products matter in my operation. Just my 2 cents

  16. davidpotterflooring says:

    @sapwoodworking Happy birthday! Thanks for taking the time to set this up and keep it going every week.

  17. genius.rick says:

    Products matter. If your the run of the mill type then no. If your a true expert artisan then yes they do.

  18. jameststudio says:

    @coloradocustomfloors So Dan that's a DREAM COME TRUE for a big multi billion dollar chemical companies with an endless budget for advertising just like the UNETHICAL GIANTS YOU HAVE POSTED THE HELL OUT FOR SO LONG? No offense....but who's interest do you really have in mind? Just curious? If it wasn't for guys sharing the word about safer more effective products many would still be using the poisons that have been promoted for so long as well as wood from low quality high output mills. It's a two way street man. I believe it's good to share what you believe in but use caution and wisdom in your choices and posts. Know your products and don't get caught falsely advertising for some giant company just because it has a leaf πŸƒ on its label. Also if guys are going to post be ready to take criticism and correction when it's warranted. Insta is a great and powerful tool and we can all benefit from it. Freedom is the best choice not a set of rules that can be taken advantage of.

  19. coloradocustomfloors says:

    I'm confused was I not just saying to stop #tagging companies???

  20. coloradocustomfloors says:

    And you reaction to no more #tags for companies pretty much proves my point, so JAMES thank you...NO OFFENSE!

  21. jameststudio says:

    @coloradocustomfloors it's ok in my view to tag companies. I just think guys need to use caution on what they are saying. Not everything a rep tells them is the gospel. Insta is a great free platform for all to share information, knowledge, and the products they use. If no companies can be tagged then how does someone share the good news about the mom and pop manufacturer that makes the best adhesive? Or the mill that makes the best flooring etc etc?? Hey Insta has helped my company dramatically. If it wasn't for insta and the good posts of my customers many of my new insta customers would still be using the finish that the local distributor carries. It's a free market and competition is good but be responsible with post is what I say! If you want to tag a company go ahead... just know what your saying. Haven't you grown from Insta?

  22. coloradocustomfloors says:

    Cool and just like that another thread hijacked and killed!!! AWESOME!! SO FUCKING STUPID TOO COME IN OFF TOPIC AND RUIN A GOOD PRODUCTIVE CONVERSATION!!

  23. jameststudio says:

    @coloradocustomfloors imagine if everybody only had the choice of a giant national installation company that had an unlimited budget? What would that do to the average installer who's voice would be over shadowed?

  24. infinity_hardwood says:

    I just landed another job from IG. I think it's all how you present yourself on here and tags. There's an article I wrote in WFB that kinda goes into my process

  25. genius.rick says:

    This forum is funny sometimes 🀣🀣🀣

  26. genius.rick says:

    #keepinstallingchineseflooring if 'brands' don't matter. Use substandard adhesives and finishes. Use mdf trims. Just saying brands do actually matter. If you share or tag them cool. If not cool too. Ig has sold me many jobs. SM is where it's at! Potential clients have the rite to know what's up. Just my opinion

  27. sapwoodworking says:

    @davidpotterflooring thanks buddy! All you guys wishing me Happy Birthday made my day! πŸ™πŸ™And of course, this is my passion and it's for others who are proud about the trade!

  28. coloradocustomfloors says:

    No one ever said brands don't matter, I said #tagging the companies needs to stop

  29. sapwoodworking says:

    @allstatefloorcoverings that's how I've been doing it too. Keep the custom color proprietary. Then if they had hardwoods in another room and want to match it, they will call you. I keep a journal of all my jobsites: what product I used, my sanding sequence, color ratio and type of finish, including number of coats and sheen. It takes 5 minutes to write down and it will make your life easier!

  30. sapwoodworking says:

    #Floor #HardwoodFloors #Hardwood #Floors #FloorSanding #WoodFloors #WoodFloor #Woodworking #Woodworker #Carpentry #Carpenter #Contractor #Construction #Design #Colors #FloorTalk #FloorDesign #Decor #FloorDecor #Rainbow #InteriorDecor #InteriorDesign #InteriorDecorating #Artist #Bespoke #Craftsman #Wood #Artwork #interiordecorator #interiordesigner

  31. coloradocustomfloors says:


  32. ptlhardwoodfloors says:

    @sapwoodworking what's #rainbow and #bespoke?

  33. sapwoodworking says:

    The floor looks like a rainbow & bespoke means custom made @ptlhardwoodfloors! Really it looks like stained glass. But it definitely has ROYGBIV in it!

  34. mscsinc says:

    @sapwoodworking happy birthday!

  35. ecoflooring says:

    Thank you @sapwoodworking for the mention

  36. oldschool_hyde says:

    I put stickers on my trash cans that I keep outside while I'm working on a job.

  37. wood_talk says:

    Happy birthday man😎

  38. chefmarcusmonteiro says:

    Olha isso, @thaisamagalhaes!!!!

  39. thaisamagalhaes says:

    @chefmarcusmonteiro hΓ£?

  40. goldhamster13 says:

    Beautiful coloured 🐱

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