[Woodenfloor] Woodenfloor Too Much Choice I Love Colour But Combine That With Having The Entire Ground Floor To Paint It’s A Touch Mind Boggling Endless Decisions To Make Just Within One Room We’ve Nearly

Woodenfloor Too Much Choice I Love Colour But Combine That With Having The Entire Ground Floor To Paint It’s A Touch Mind Boggling Endless Decisions To Make Just Within One Room We’ve Nearly

Too much choice I love colour but combine that with having the entire ground floor to paint it's a touch mind boggling. Endless decisions to make just within one room. We've nearly finished white washing over the fresh plaster so I need to get my decisive head on and choose This is our kitchen will be our kitchen LOVE this space and how it's already transformed from the closed off dining room that it was. Love the huge window the coving and our decision to leave the rsj exposed. Our current kitchen is more akin to camping up in the guest room. Anyone else at this stage with their kitchen renovation instahome ourhome colourmyhome colourmystyle interiordesign interiorstyling currentdesignsituation storyofmylife myhomestyle decisiontime

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  1. thistle_and_wild says:

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  2. simplythenest says:

    What's the steel beam supporting? We put the kitchen in and then chose the paint, I needed to see the units and tiles in place first. Faffy to paint though! x

  3. chocolatecreative says:

    Its a big decision to make, choose a colour that will complement the kitchen cabinets, i love colour but somehow i feel more comfortable living with neutrals. Its very exicitng to see how your house is changing and becoming your cosy beautiful nest

  4. thistle_and_wild says:

    @simplythenest I hear you & may well end up doing that too but it'd be more than awkward painting the spaces above the tall units/behind the rsj. I've bought more sample pots so you never know, the answer may be waiting for me in my bag!

  5. thistle_and_wild says:

    @simplythenest oh yeh, huge chimney breast was removed so the beam is supporting the remaining chimney stacks on the two floors above.

  6. thistle_and_wild says:

    @chocolatecreative thank you Margarita, that's so kind, and encouraging! I may well be the same. We stayed in @fordhousenorfolk in April and her colour scheme was sooooo relaxing and calming x

  7. fordhousenorfolk says:

    Thank you xxxxx @thistle_and_wild

  8. simplythenest says:

    @thistle_and_wild Ah yes I see the chimney breast now! x

  9. li_again says:

    Love the RSJ!! We are just getting prices for an extension and I asked a builder last week if he could leave the beam exposed for me to add an industrial feel and he thought I was daft!! Said it won't pass building regs?! I knew it must be doable! Wait till I show him this !!! So exciting being at this stage! Can't wait to see it finished xx

  10. thistle_and_wild says:

    @li_again thank you 😆I don't know where you are but if you're in Manchester by any chance, I'd recommend our builder & his team. We worked with him on our last house too. I could just picture how it'd look and I'm so glad we did it. The structural engineer did the calculations & drawings & the builder worked closely with the s.engineer. Def go with a builder who has got a lot of experience, good luck! Not sure what colour we'll finish it in. We've painted them with intumescent paint to make them fire retardant so they will pass building control. I can give you more info about that if you like when you get to that stage 🤗x

  11. aliceinscandiland says:

    What an amazingly huge and beautiful room. The ceiling height 😍

  12. thistle_and_wild says:

    @aliceinscandiland thank you 🙂I love how much it's changed, it was quite dark before & even though it has mega high ceilings, it felt quite closed in. We took out a massive chimney breast & knocked big openings through into the rooms either side so now it's much more airy & spacey - but because it's all empty down their when the kids go charging around it's SO LOUD!

  13. aliceinscandiland says:

    @thistle_and_wild it's going to be amazing 😁

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