[Woodenfloor] Going Through My First Vaganova Year Duet Exam What A Mess Bigmess Allaround Superyoung Babyme Vaganovaballetacademy Exam Oldmemories Ballet Woodenfloor I Think I

Going Through My First Vaganova Year Duet Exam What A Mess Bigmess Allaround Superyoung Babyme Vaganovaballetacademy Exam Oldmemories Ballet Woodenfloor I Think I

Going through my first Vaganova year duet exam. what a mess. bigmess allaround superyoung babyme vaganovaballetacademy exam oldmemories ballet woodenfloor I think I will never watch it again in my life. Somethings are really better not looked back (by hofesh.)

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  1. itsmeisizzy says:

    You were at the Vaganova academy?? 😲 @mariin_ka

  2. mariin_ka says:

    @cbirdtutu 😂😂just throwing! How horrible!!

  3. marlen_fuerte_ says:


  4. golitsinajulia says:

    Всё прилично.Чем тв недовольна?

  5. mintaahdjin says:

    What was wrong? to my untrained eye. It looks magnificent.

  6. mariin_ka says:

    @golitsinajulia смотри на стопы, все без контроля и там много что ужасные были я только не поставила😬

  7. golitsinajulia says:

    Всё нормально.Ну подумаешь,пару раз не дотянула.Зато руки приличные😉

  8. shino.takizawa says:


  9. pauliosovari says:


  10. audryef says:


  11. clodaghriley says:

    @jemjemzee this is so pretty

  12. alisontrang_ says:

    @audryef omg she's amazing 😍

  13. wendyfrau says:

    Stunning :)

  14. jemjemzee says:

    This is why I wish I could ballet @clodaghriley

  15. ymtheresa says:

    What!? This is the most amazing clip💕

  16. shoheihoriuchi_ says:


  17. shoheihoriuchi_ says:


  18. mariin_ka says:

    @shoheihoriuchi_ ロシアや!➖20℃の国🙄

  19. tanntaylor_ says:

    Tu peux me tuer maintenant. Je suis une grosse idiote. Ugh! Pourquoi j'ai choisi l'université et pas ça. 😢😢😢😩😩😩

  20. marlene.leni.prasse says:

    Omg amazing

  21. luna.vdgun says:

    @ballerina.iris damn als ze dit al slecht vindt...

  22. ballerina.iris says:

    Ze is echt prachtig!! @luna.vdgun

  23. mtahilde says:


  24. olivialeezimmerman says:

    @blairlindss if this is a mess I'm toast

  25. babyyellowpeach says:

    I don't understand, that looked absolutely flawless to me!

  26. sabrinaglez7 says:

    Partnership goals😍😢🌷👏 @vianka61 @genesiss2000 @dianacolons @salma_glez @marielalvarezj @andreaspromenade ....

  27. blairlindss says:

    @olivialzimmerman I'm having trouble figuring out what part of that she meant by "mess"

  28. hannahth.mps.n says:

    What is a mess? This is absolutely stunning 😍

  29. esmee_ballet says:

    Incredible! Such a talent!

  30. ilpiccoli says:

    Ma quanto vola in altooo ahah @_sararosano_

  31. _kammer says:


  32. ivanariy says:

    Oh, your partner so wonderful! Who is it?

  33. mariin_ka says:

    @ivanariy 🤔😆

  34. district.group says:

    I think you look beautiful @mariin_ka 🌸💐🏵👏

  35. evelie_m says:


  36. eleonoorallallaa says:

    You were amazing!

  37. gisellisb says:


  38. yuyaomaki says:


  39. mariin_ka says:

    @yuyaomaki 今さらフォローですか?😏wそして歳の話する?

  40. yuyaomaki says:

    @mariin_ka ねw ははー😏

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