[Woodenfloor] Try And Read I Had This Made For J’s Bday Years Ago Now After He Had Just Got Home With Army From Months Away I Had The Board Look Like A Woodenfloor Of A Gym The Weights Were A

Try And Read I Had This Made For J’s Bday Years Ago Now After He Had Just Got Home With Army From Months Away I Had The Board Look Like A Woodenfloor Of A Gym The Weights Were A

Try and read I had this made for J's bday years ago now after he had just got home with army from months away. I had the board look like a woodenfloor of a gym the weights were a 10inch and 6 inch cake with the 24gk kg for the age he was then and had the freeweight done and placed on the 'floor' with a gymtowel thrown over it but with the paratrooper wings as detail to the gym towel thought effort worthit fitfam fitfamuk candles Cake I had made for jack years ago now but was talking about it the other day so thought I'd share at it had come up when moving files over. Kind of messed myself up as not really sure how to top it haha birthdaycake gymcake weightscake redvelvetcake redvelvet paratrooper para parareg . Thanks Lisa ( again always make my ideas come to life and then some ) I'll probably end up putting up the last 2 of Aliyah's as I need to start thinking of a new idea for March

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  1. the.mighty.lfc says:

    This is really amazing [email protected]

  2. 08_zozo says:

    @kits_jani Thank you... Everyone thinks I'm crazy because I always want everyone to have the best cakes. Sophias 7th and 8th were a 4 story frozen castle and 7th was the top part one of their dresses and the bottom the other sisters dress, Aliyah's 5th and 4th were a minion that was so cute it reminded me of her which is why I wanted it having bunches in hair as I used to put her hair that way every day and was just so cute and 4th was minnie but she's always loved minnie and that was a lovely cake too and she wore a minnie long sleeved t shirt dress and there is a pic I love of her kissing her mama from that day. X

  3. domorestano_fitness says:

    Amazing cake

  4. mrmayhempiercings says:


  5. 08_zozo says:

    @domorestano_fitness Thanks. I can't take credit for having made it. I have my amazing friend who owns a cake business who does that part but I do put so much into the thought and designs and what they mean. Just love making those that make me feel loved special.

  6. 08_zozo says:

    @mrmayhempiercings Thank you 💪🍰

  7. domorestano_fitness says:

    @zoejean1987 I feel like you've definitely succeeded 👏🏻👏🏻

  8. 08_zozo says:

    @domorestano_fitness 👍❤

  9. 08_zozo says:

    @domorestano_fitness Well thank you :) it's a shame I can't bring cakes to life myself. I have a really artistic mind, same as with sets on shoots I love creativity and I really love with cakes in particular, making sure all the small details are in there that make it extra special for that person or the small things but that symbolise but parts of their life so they know I take interest. Shame I can't bring it to life myself and do the whole process , but I've always been a great cook and savoury anything no problem and I'll do from scratch, detailed baking 🙈😑 ha... My girls last couple it took ages to think of design and especially with the frozen ones because at the time 2014 and 2015 it was massive and there were many but I wanted it to be special and different so made sure was personalised and done differently. I'm going to add my 2 girls last couple cakes in a min as found a folder with them in.

  10. commando_camp says:

    Wish we could give this 2 likes ❤ ❤ Have a successful New Year in all that you do 😊

  11. 08_zozo says:

    @commando_camp Thank you, that's very kind and means a lot. I will be continuing to fight this in hospital but I hope you have a great weekend and beyond and stay blessed❤🎂😊

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