[Woodenfloor] It’s Meetthemakerweek And I’m Late To The Party But I’m Going To Try To Catch Up Let Me Know If You Find This Interesting 1 BRAND Pretty Much Is The Name Of My Brand It All Woodenfloor

It’s Meetthemakerweek And I’m Late To The Party But I’m Going To Try To Catch Up Let Me Know If You Find This Interesting 1 BRAND Pretty Much Is The Name Of My Brand It All Woodenfloor

It's meetthemakerweek and I'm late to the party but I'm going to try to catch up.let me know if you find this interesting 1.BRAND Pretty Much is the name of my brand. It all started (and was just a seed in my imagination ) when I went freelance 18 months ago after over 10 years as a designer in the greetings card industry. I wanted a brand name that wasn't just my own name as I do a lot of commercial work and wanted to keep the work I do for Pretty Much very separate from this. I am based in London and make lino prints and greetings cards. I print the cards on my Adana which is a small desktop letterpress. I love it It's the best thing I've bought (apart from of course my essential Apple Mac ) I use my Mac so much for commercial work that Pretty Much was born out of my craving and desperation to get back to using my hands getting messy and feeling more in touch with what I do. Often as a commercial designer I use lots of colours in a design and illustrate subjects which may not be what I'd naturally choose. Pretty Much is all about paring everything down with naive shapes and a limited colour palette. It is my chance to really be me and do what I love. I'm just at the beginning with Pretty Much so it will be really interesting to see where it is a year from now

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  1. s_t_u_d_i_o__l_u_c_y says:

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  2. allthingsdigitalny says:

    great page! #followthis

  3. scarlettandvalentine says:


  4. pixelsandpicas says:

    Love all of it! I do love the story behind your work. Really lovely to know more about you and what drives you to create as it adds so much more interest to me personally knowing this. And your prints are just gorgeous.

  5. s_t_u_d_i_o__l_u_c_y says:

    Thank you @pixelsandpicas! I always like reading about other people's work and finding out things you wouldn't know just by looking at their work! And thanks for your compliments 👍😊

  6. s_t_u_d_i_o__l_u_c_y says:

    Thanks @scarlettandvalentine 💕

  7. cleverneighbor says:

    ✌️ 👌

  8. melanie_chadwick says:

    Hi @s_t_u_d_i_o__l_u_c_y really connect with your story. I run @mellybee_uk alongside my commercial illustration work as a way of keeping connected to actually making and printing. Although I've done it the other way round - mellybee has been going longer than my illustration work. I'm still working out the balance but enjoy having the variety. Hope Pretty Much brings you even more joy and opportunities in 2017! I look forward to seeing what you get up to!

  9. s_t_u_d_i_o__l_u_c_y says:

    Thanks so much @melanie_chadwick lt's a tricky balancing act isn't it? I have lots of plans for Pretty Much but I also need to pay the bills! Lovely work by the way. Hope you have a successful 2017 😊

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