[Woodfurniture] I Love My Shapeoko XXL Cnc But It Sure Does Make A Mess The Possibilities Are Endless And I’m Still Just Getting Started Carved Cncrouter Cncmachining Precision Cncowners Woodfurniture

I Love My Shapeoko XXL Cnc But It Sure Does Make A Mess The Possibilities Are Endless And I’m Still Just Getting Started Carved Cncrouter Cncmachining Precision Cncowners Woodfurniture

I love my shapeoko XXL cnc but it sure does make a mess . The possibilities are endless and Iu2019m still just getting started. carved cncrouter cncmachining precision cncowners . modernrustic reclaimed tgwpfindme handmade woodworking customfurniture furniture maker art wood barnwood workshop garage diyproject farmhouse table rustic carpentry woodworker woodfurniture cncwoodworking woodtable metalfurniture shapeoko cnc

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  1. hardeedesign says:

    It does make a mess. That’s for sure

  2. hubbell_woodshop says:

    A different type of dust collection. Literally collecting dust

  3. customtimberymm says:

    Definitely need a dust collection system 😂

  4. tloftus82 says:

    @realsuckitdustboot can help you! They helped me for sure!

  5. johnayalawoodworks says:

    One day I’ll invest in this fancy pants tool but until then I got my bandsaw haha! @ultimate.maker

  6. ultimate.maker says:

    @hardeedesign I have a dust boot coming soon enough lol

  7. ultimate.maker says:

    @hubbell_woodshop very good point 🤔. Not sure why I’m complaining lol

  8. ultimate.maker says:

    @customtimberymm I’m working on it lol😂

  9. ultimate.maker says:

    @tloftus82 I have one coming in a few weeks. I can’t wait.

  10. ultimate.maker says:

    @johnayalawoodworks this can do a lot more than a bandsaw

  11. johnayalawoodworks says:

    @ultimate.maker you shit your whore mouth talking about my rikon like that!

  12. ultimate.maker says:

    @johnayalawoodworks lmfaooooo. I’m not saying I don’t want a band saw lol

  13. ohrusticday says:

    What bit did you use? I’ve been having trouble with some chipping when cutting my plywood 🤦🏼‍♀️

  14. ultimate.maker says:

    @ohrusticday I typically use an 1/8” Spektra coated Amana compression bit from @toolstoday hang on one sec and I’ll get you the tool number

  15. ultimate.maker says:

    @ohrusticday the 46180-k Amana Compression bit from @toolstoday you can’t go wrong with that.

  16. ohrusticday says:

    Ah thank you! Did it take forever with an 1/8” bit? That is a big sign- but looks amazing!

  17. johnayalawoodworks says:

    @ultimate.maker that’s what I thought nate!

  18. ultimate.maker says:

    @ohrusticday nope it took about 30 minutes

  19. ultimate.maker says:

    @ohrusticday I sometimes use the 1/4” version also depending on how tight my radius’s need to be and it’s about the same 30 minutes

  20. toolstoday says:

    @ultimate.maker thank you for the shout out. This Spektra coated bit is amazing!

  21. bass_4_reel says:

    Make a dust collection system. .easy..you can cnc the parts.

  22. ohrusticday says:

    @ultimate.maker @toolstoday should I be using a downcut bit? Not sure what I got from carbide but I think it might be upcut?

  23. toolstoday says:

    @ohrusticday @ultimate.maker hi, yes, in order to achieve a clean, chip free top edges use the Spektra coated, down-cut spiral, item number 46415-K

  24. ohrusticday says:

    @toolstoday appreciate the help and feedback!

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