[Woodfurniture] Woodfurniture Nugeandwood Developed Techniques To Make Wood Panels Resemble Soft Textures

Woodfurniture Nugeandwood Developed Techniques To Make Wood Panels Resemble Soft Textures

nugeandwood developed techniques to make wood panels resemble soft textures. insiderart

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  2. nugeandwood says:


  3. imwayout says:


  4. nj_niharika says:

    @dyuti_jain 😍

  5. _sanarahim says:


  6. usmckittymama says:

    That is beautiful Nuge!

  7. movere___ says:

    love it lets share it dm ([@ proudfitfam]) for feature πŸ˜†

  8. shira_gez_ says:


  9. dreamer_seen19 says:

    @_sanarahim they look like blankets. That's pretty cool

  10. _sanarahim says:

    @dreamer_seen19 yes that's really cool

  11. artbestclass says:


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  13. bellanolan_ says:


  14. acastudioart says:

    @bellanolan_ Whoa.

  15. robertgwolfe says:

    Didn’t develop anything, this is a technic that has been around for years. Cabinet makers have been using angle grinders to do this same thing, and use it to make rocking chairs. He just markets it as art on instagram.

  16. jesscissors says:

    @keonthebarber check this out!!! It's fascinating! Check the guys page cuz he's made some cool stuff! I know you appreciate all art forms❀

  17. amirasalleh_ says:


  18. elias.a.huereca says:

    No se vale has si no se hace se hace a mano con la cuΓ±a

  19. gwenniebobennie says:


  20. samuelgraysonray_ says:

    Really? I've been doing this for like 5 years now!

  21. samuelgraysonray_ says:

    There's nothing even remotely new about this technique @insiderart

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  24. thisisartofammore says:

    @hellasarima cool

  25. uoitdcvisualartsclub says:


  26. randyleibowitzdean_art says:

    I wish you would not paint the wood. I think letting the wood grain show would be beautiful, varnish. Painting it like this makes it look like a plastic form. You do so much work, then cover it all up... in my opinion.

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    Please flw mee

  30. craddockreuben says:

    The King has blessed you with awesome powers

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  32. le_vivi_photography says:

    Loveeeeeeeee @nugeandwood 😍❀️

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