[Woodfurniture] Do You Have A Ser In Your Shop : Jeffmackdesigns Love To Tag Carpenter Woodfurniture

Do You Have A Ser In Your Shop : Jeffmackdesigns Love To Tag Carpenter Woodfurniture

Do you have a scraper in your shop : jeffmackdesigns Love to tag carpenter loves1

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  1. carpenter_loves1 says:

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  2. yinchi05 says:

    Omg I want one of those!!!!!

  3. _lyanli_ says:

    It reminds me of the old planes with the big razor blades in them

  4. oatmeal44 says:

    No I need one

  5. scafati_guitars says:

    Very cool!!

  6. oscar_hailie220 says:

    Thats satisfying to watch

  7. sammy_b_1996 says:


  8. jckalkoff says:


  9. agencemoica says:

    Yep ! I got one !

  10. selfmedicated42o says:


  11. natzaely says:

    @selfmedicated42o you'll need those 4 sure!!

  12. cuzendave says:


  13. vayradaylay says:


  14. timo_8.21 says:

    Where to buy?πŸ˜‚

  15. matthew.caldwell says:

    What kind of scraper is that

  16. jo_sin_lie says:

    What kind of scrapper do you use?? @carpenter_loves1

  17. fierli34 says:

    Γ‡a coupe bien πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

  18. woodwidow says:

    Not yet but I’m gonna!!!!

  19. sachaskl says:

    @nadhir.naili_ c’est quoi ?

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