[Woodfloor] Woodfloor Today We Were Able To Dry Fit And Fully Install Our Walnut Light Tray We Have Been Building For The Last Few Days Everything Is Embled With Dominos We Fit The Moulding But Left It

Woodfloor Today We Were Able To Dry Fit And Fully Install Our Walnut Light Tray We Have Been Building For The Last Few Days Everything Is Embled With Dominos We Fit The Moulding But Left It

Today we were able to dry fit and fully install our walnut light tray we have been building for the last few days. Everything is assembled with dominos. We fit the moulding but left it loose so we could remove it and add screws wherever we wanted and then hide all the fasteners when reinstalling the pieces. Now just to add the trim on the ceiling and we will be moving to the barrel ceiling to template for beams. keepcraftalive finehomebuilding carpenter carpentry homerenovation reno remodel woodworking finishcarpenter omaha quality craftsman homes finishcarpentry baseboard trim construction newconstruction diy hgtv woodfloor moderncraftsman walnut

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  1. kehoekustom says:


  2. ledgerwoodhomerestoration says:

    Holy smokes, that is gorgeous. Fantastic design. Not surprised but still impressed 💪🏻💪🏻😉

  3. trevorgibb21 says:


  4. densmore_build says:

    @trevorgibb21 I suppose this is going in the next condo....

  5. densmore_build says:

    @aaronthomasaquinas that'll look slick with some filler and primer on it.

  6. aaronthomasaquinas says:

    @densmore_build totally! @jpmconstructioninc should bring in @greaseball1987 for a consult.

  7. periodcraftsmen says:


  8. nestorbarsllc says:

    Sweet! !!!

  9. dettmore101 says:

    Awesome work bro

  10. rwbuilderscompany says:

    Very very beautiful!!!

  11. densmore_build says:

    @aaronthomasaquinas imagine a caulking white wash?! That'd be fresh. @greaseball1987 would love the challenge I bet

  12. yourboyroach says:


  13. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @stevie_mane check next post

  14. wmclarkconstruction says:

    Awesome. Sounds like the Flexvolt!

  15. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @wmclarkconstruction you’re right!? I heard it too

  16. gabriel__pulidojr says:


  17. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @aaronthomasaquinas I’ll blast it with primer tomorrow

  18. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @aaronthomasaquinas who’s @greaseball1987 ? 😉 @thebeachandbarnguy

  19. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @aaronthomasaquinas @densmore_build just cover it up, yeah? All that spicy walnut.

  20. our_humble_abode says:


  21. thebeachandbarnguy says:

    @jpmconstructioninc - nice job trying to put them off the scent, @jpmconstructioninc....

  22. jjsqualityhomes says:

    Killer work guys.

  23. nomad_remodeling says:

    Wow, looks great Jason!

  24. deanfruin says:

    Looks awesome!

  25. lundgren.trimcorp says:

    Nice bro!!! You’re amazing and work is almost as amazing!😂 seriously, great job and execution!

  26. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @lundgren.trimcorp work is ok if you’re comparing it to me hahah. Thank you sir

  27. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @jjsqualityhomes thanks bro

  28. studsconstruction says:

    That looks sooo good!! 👍

  29. calebwoodardfurniture says:

    Really nice Jason

  30. zachpaxson says:

    Wow man, that’s beautiful.

  31. staciefelton says:


  32. stevie_mane says:

    @jpmconstructioninc 😂 immediately answered. How did you guys raise it!?

  33. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @stevie_mane in sections each side was left loose and carried up and installed in four pieces

  34. chapsmaketory says:

    Holy shit is that all walnut??

  35. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @chapsmaketory just the frame

  36. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @staciefelton thank you Stacie!

  37. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @calebwoodardfurniture thanks Caleb

  38. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @zachpaxson thank you

  39. chapsmaketory says:

    @jpmconstructioninc pretty work!!

  40. keycruncher says:

    Tight! That is a breathtaking feature @jpmconstructioninc 👍

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