[Woodfurniture] Y’all I Might Be Going Crazy But I Think I’m Going To Paint This Wall Hear Me Out First There Is A Lot Of Warmth In The Room Between The Wall And Our Table Top We Are Adding A Woodfurniture

Y’all I Might Be Going Crazy But I Think I’m Going To Paint This Wall Hear Me Out First There Is A Lot Of Warmth In The Room Between The Wall And Our Table Top We Are Adding A Woodfurniture

Y'all I might be going crazy but I think I'm going to paint this wall. Hear me out first. there is a lot of warmth in the room between the wall and our table top. We are adding a barn door to the laundry too so I woke up yesterday and felt like it was all just too much. I can always create a smaller version of this somewhere else if I miss it bad enough Thoughts . diningroom woodwall accentwall palletwall fixerupper woodworking woodfurniture chalkboard chalkart handlettering sunflowers neutraldecor farmhousedecor decornewbiesunite instadecor ighome farmhousedecor farmhousestyle interiordecor interiorstyle

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  1. ksromano says:

    As much as I love this wall....paint it. It will help to simplify and remove that over whelming feeling you have. 😘

  2. astorybooklife says:

    I love the wall! We created one in our media studio at church last year, & use it for a backdrop all the time. I say... whatever you will love the most - do! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  3. kandacandles says:

    Loving this! So creative

  4. thepalletpeople says:

    Pretty ❀️

  5. yorklynhome says:

    I love the wall, seriously love! But it will look great painted too. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  6. catchingthecoopers says:

    Cute! Would you remove the wood and paint or just paint the wood?

  7. melbaliving says:


  8. woodside.farm says:

    It’s hard to say without seeing the whole space but I’m sure it would look good white & it still has that texture

  9. mmp_designs says:

    @ksromano I totally agree!! Thank you sweet lady! I wanted to paint it white and hang a black farmhouse clock in the center

  10. mmp_designs says:

    @astorybooklife absolutely thank you sweet friend!

  11. mmp_designs says:

    @kandacandles thank you my new friend!

  12. mmp_designs says:

    @thepalletpeople thanks so much!

  13. mmp_designs says:

    @yorklynhome you are too sweet, thank you so much! ❀

  14. mmp_designs says:

    @catchingthecoopers I'm thinking keep the wood but paint it white😍

  15. ksromano says:

    @mmp_designs yaaaaaaaaas!

  16. mmp_designs says:

    @ksromano 😍😍😍❀❀❀

  17. catchingthecoopers says:

    @mmp_designs I love that idea!! ❀️❀️❀️

  18. mmp_designs says:

    @woodside.farm I've shared it but it's been a while lol. I feel like the wall and table.blend together and I'm craving white with black accents

  19. beaus_and_belles says:

    It's a beautiful wall, but... go with your gut and paint it. I'm sure it will be beautiful painted too!

  20. mmp_designs says:

    @beaus_and_belles thanks so much sweet friend! I think I'm going to. Hubby is going to die lol

  21. alipittam says:

    just beautiful

  22. jen_egan_ says:

    I had a wall exactly like this and painted mine for all the same reasons !!!

  23. naquindesigns says:

    I love this wall. It will still look amazing even painted. Please show after photo!

  24. homewithkelly says:

    It will look amazing whatever you do! It always does! 😍

  25. repurposelife.nicole says:

    That shiplap wall!!😍😍😍

  26. mmp_designs says:

    @alipittam thank you so much!

  27. mmp_designs says:

    @jen_egan_ ahhh great minds! I'm glad I'm not alone. My husband wasn't feeling the idea lol

  28. mmp_designs says:

    @naquindesigns so kind of you sweet friend. I absolutely will!

  29. mmp_designs says:

    @homewithkelly Kelly that,is such a huge compliment, thank you friend❀

  30. mmp_designs says:

    @repurposelife.nicole thank you! It was one of our first projects in this house!

  31. catmancave says:


  32. raenmarie1414 says:

    What about just distressing it with a hints of color rather than painting it? I love the wood look and it will go fabulously with a barn door but no matter what you choose, I'm certain it'll be perfect.

  33. mmp_designs says:

    @raenmarie1414 decisions Decisions😍😍😍

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