[Woodenfloor] Woodenfloor I Love A Good Before And After As Much As The Next Girl And Our Family Room Fireplace Is Cracker The Before (swipeity Swipe) Doesn’t Even Show The Hideous Brick Monstrosity

Woodenfloor I Love A Good Before And After As Much As The Next Girl And Our Family Room Fireplace Is Cracker The Before (swipeity Swipe) Doesn’t Even Show The Hideous Brick Monstrosity

I love a good Before and After as much as the next girl and our Family Room fireplace is cracker The Before (swipeity swipe) doesn't even show the hideous brick monstrosity that was there when we moved in. Literally the worst fireplace EVER . I'm saving the full horror for tomorrow's post. But what it does show is that where there's a chimney breast there's always a way to bring good out of awfulness. beforeandafter chimneybreast fireplacedecor fireplacelove fireplacemantel fireplacemantle moderncountrystyle moderncountry moderncountryliving moderncountryinteriors juterug castironfireplace archfireplace carreramarble slatehearth woodenfloor exposedfloorboards farrowandballhardwickwhite farrowandball sashwindow georgian georgianhomes georgianhouse mygeorgianhome periodhome periodliving countrystyle mutedcolors mutedtones favouritepaintcolours

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  1. rebekahjohnson1984 says:

    Could I ask if it was a big job? We currently have an existing fireplace that is used but would like to replace it with a Victorian insert. We have called someone but it sounded like a long complicated job of testing the flue etc etc I thought we could just replace it as such!

  2. modern_country_style says:

    @rebekahjohnson1984 No, not really a big job. Less complicated than I thought it might be. Definitely worth asking several people. We used Stuart the fitter from @english_fireplaces who was absolutely fantastic and very reasonable. ❤️

  3. cotswolds1234 says:

    I love it

  4. marthascountrypad says:


  5. rebekahjohnson1984 says:

    @modern_country_style thank you.

  6. modern_country_style says:

    @rebekahjohnson1984 no problem!! I'm so sympathetic...were renovating our home too so I feel your pain 😫😫...and it's especially hard in areas I'm not experienced with... We're just gearing up to convert our basement which is new to me and there is SOOOO much conflicting advice out there 🤔🤔🤔😘

  7. half.done.houses says:

    Cracking job 👍🏻 looks so lovely now. I'm with you on the before and after pics, I'm all for them 🙋🏼 xx

  8. rebekahjohnson1984 says:

    @modern_country_style we are lucky in that my husband is a joiner and is pretty good at most things but not fires, there something you really what an expert to do aren’t they!? Btw I love your home 🏠 our style is very similar so I will be looking for ideas from your pics x

  9. renovatingno66 says:

    Lovely!! And that wall colour 😍😍😍

  10. cotswold_cottage_living says:

    Sneaky peak at that fab clock...❤️

  11. modern_country_style says:

    @half.done.houses me too!! I always swipe back and forth, back and forth between the before and after shots!!!

  12. modern_country_style says:

    @renovatingno66 Yes, Hardwick White is a good 'un, isn't it? 👌 Have you used it? Xx

  13. modern_country_style says:

    @cotswold_cottage_living Hooray for huge clocks!! 🤣🤣

  14. modern_country_style says:

    @cotswolds1234 Ahh, thank you!! X

  15. modern_country_style says:

    @rebekahjohnson1984 Lucky you having such a handy husband!! 🤣🤣 I know what you mean about wanting to get fireplaces right. With looks and with safety too, I guess?!! 😘❤️

  16. luxe.la says:

    Wow, that's a clean look 💎

  17. modern_country_style says:

    @luxe.la Hides the dust well, right??!! Maybe that should be @farrowandball 's new strapline 🤣🤣😱🤣

  18. kcarracher says:

    😍 I can’t wait to see the horror!!

  19. _florencehouse_ says:

    Absolutely gorgeous😍♥️😍

  20. modern_country_style says:

    @kcarracher Oh, it's bad. It's REALLY bad!!!

  21. modern_country_style says:

    @julies_homely_home thank you!! And somehow I like it all the more because of the awful before!!! X

  22. growing_greenfields says:

    What a cracking job! Love a good before and after! 👌👌

  23. modern_country_style says:

    @growing_greenfields me too....I have strong finger muscles now from swiping back and forth!! 🤣

  24. 2920sleep says:

    💤 😴

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