[Woodfloor] We Are Applying Rubiomonocoatusa Pure (available Via The Link In My Bio) To The Underside Of A Dining Table Going Through Our Shop Right Now Wait Until You See The Grains In The Woodfloor

We Are Applying Rubiomonocoatusa Pure (available Via The Link In My Bio) To The Underside Of A Dining Table Going Through Our Shop Right Now Wait Until You See The Grains In The Woodfloor

We are applying rubiomonocoatusa Pure (available via the link in my bio) to the underside of a dining table going through our shop right now. Wait until you see the grains in the top of this piece

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  1. jeffmackdesigns says:

    @caswoodworking 🙌🙌🙌 thanks for listening!

  2. fixthisbuildthat says:

    Congrats on 300k brother! 🙌🙌🙌

  3. annie2984 says:

    Bonjour j’aimerais savoir où je peux me procurer cette huile Rubio, je demeure à Cap Rouge dans la ville de Québec... merci à l’avance

  4. jeffmackdesigns says:

    @fixthisbuildthat thank you!!!! You aren’t far behind!!!

  5. 1898_design says:

    Love your work. Defiantly a great follow and good advice for all wood workers.

  6. groovypicnic says:

    🆒...... ♡ Strangely satisfying to watch, thanks for sharing the process! Keep up the great ⚒ work!

  7. brutus.woodlab says:

    @jeffmackdesigns @rusticwoodgoods Rubio coverage guide says 300 to 500 sq.ft/liter. On walnut tables I found it was towards the lower end of that range, I went with about 3ml/sq ft, and it worked out almost perfect. For an 8 x 4 table I was mixing up about 100ml. Didn't used to pay as much attention pouring out polyurethane, but this stuff is like liquid gold!

  8. rusticwoodgoods says:

    @brutus.woodlab @jeffmackdesigns awesome info. Thank you!

  9. groveandanchor says:

    I love the fade out from Consoler of the lonely and the transition to the following song ... salute your solution.. Raconteurs life!

  10. the_shooting_stallion says:


  11. gregjbraat says:

    Any clue on a good source for slabs in #Alberta ?

  12. nhosseini95 says:

    Hi.what is this? Whit this Wood is very butifull. Thanks

  13. nhosseini95 says:

    I'm waiting. Please

  14. mrszkmcmaster says:

    So cool!!!

  15. jeffmackdesigns says:

    @nhosseini95 Walnut

  16. jeffmackdesigns says:

    @gregjbraat check out @blackforestwoodco

  17. gregjbraat says:

    Thank you @jeffmackdesigns !

  18. jessecollinsphoto says:

    @jeffmackdesigns thanks for the tip and video!

  19. singhhardwood says:

    Love your work Jeff.

  20. jpdesigntx says:

    I keep seeing woodworkers use this stuff and it looks awesome! How does it compare to something like danish oil?

  21. tara_june says:


  22. sarahstales says:

    Ever use it on stairs?

  23. jasoncatesracing says:

    What grit sandpaper do use before applying Rubio monocoat

  24. jeffmackdesigns says:

    @jasoncatesracing we sand to 150

  25. lauracerillas says:

    The Raconteurs!!!

  26. naturesbeautywoodworking says:

    Does the resin stay nice and clear after the Rubio ?? Or can you see a small film ?? Thanks 🙏 beautiful Table BTW 🤙

  27. phil_heyo says:

    Who’s that playing in the background ???

  28. micelflooring says:

    @sarahstales you can use Rubio on Flooring applications as well (that includes stairs). We used it a few times, it holds up great.

  29. nhosseini95 says:

    @jeffmackdesigns thanks

  30. nhosseini95 says:

    @jeffmackdesigns oil Walnut?

  31. comitosauce says:

    Your work is simply amazing.

  32. sarahstales says:

    @micelflooring thank u

  33. lnydesign says:

    The white stripes!

  34. no.ra8560 says:


  35. cyngl92 says:

    @zac_designs asi amor

  36. freemanfurnishings says:

    Love @rubiomonocoatusa pure

  37. annie2984 says:

    Bonjour, vous avez aimé mon commentaire, mais j’aimerais savoir si vous en vendez de cette merveilleuse huile. Cela donne un résultat magnifique. Vous faites d’excellents travail. Merci

  38. gratefulpursuit says:

    I noticed how much more careful people are with the application of Rubio monocoat. My guess it’s the cost of this sweet nectar.

  39. katelizasarus says:


  40. nttt_tram says:


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