[Woodfurniture] A Perfect Fit Tons Of Angles And Cuts Go Into Making Chairs But It’s So Satisfying When It All Comes Woodfurniture

A Perfect Fit Tons Of Angles And Cuts Go Into Making Chairs But It’s So Satisfying When It All Comes Woodfurniture

A perfect fit Tons of angles and cuts go into making chairs But it's so satisfying when it all comes together

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  1. lighthouse_boston says:

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  2. abssportsart says:

    Great job! A chair is on my list of to dos!

  3. lighthouse_boston says:

    @abssportsart Thanks!!

  4. abssportsart says:

    @lighthouse_boston You’re welcome!

  5. johnayalawoodworks says:

    Tight fit!!!! Looks nice! @lighthouse_boston

  6. nakedtimberjack says:


  7. weaverandco_woodshop says:

    It’s incredibly nerve racking right up until it comes together and then boom! Instant relief

  8. lighthouse_boston says:

    @johnayalawoodworks thanks!!!

  9. lighthouse_boston says:

    @weaverandco_woodshop Exactly!!

  10. kreateandbuild says:

    Is it weird that the first thing I thought of was Jim Carey saying “like a glove”. Beauty work as always

  11. lighthouse_boston says:

    @kreateandbuild Haha Love It!!! And thank you!!

  12. josh_kinkead says:

    How do you find Rubio does on wood like this? Does it just suck it right in?

  13. chappellmary says:

    Like a glove!

  14. cc_woodshop says:

    Nice work! 🙌🏻👍🏻

  15. lighthouse_boston says:

    @josh_kinkead I sanded before but yes it does suck it . But it's good if you dry it well!

  16. josh_kinkead says:

    @lighthouse_boston cool, when you say dry it well. Are you talking about the wiping off process?

  17. lighthouse_boston says:

    @josh_kinkead yes, exactly

  18. jazgold85 says:

    Pretty flush!

  19. joey_d29 says:

    What type of wood is the chairs seat. Peckie cypress?

  20. getoffthecouch_design says:

    Nice! IG has been hiding your page from me!

  21. breezingalong101 says:


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