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  • Oak Horizon Live Pure 14(t) X 138(w) X 2200(l) Boenflooring Boenfloor Woodflooring Woodfloor Gisungmaru Interior Interiordesign Boen

  • Photo Credit : Canadiancarpenter For A Shoutout Use Carpentry Shoutout On Your Pic Double Tap And Tag Your Fellow Woodworkingcarpentry Loving Pals In The Comments Dont Woodfloor

  • Highlight Give A Strong Red Mood In Your E This Fall With Kroya Mahogany Stained Dark Red Find Out More About Its Beauty Here : Http: Kroyafloors Com Collections Single Plank Woodfloor
  • Woodfloor Post Concert With Citizenway Dinnerandashow Liveconcert Intimateshow Wbfj Citizenway Band Withtheband Meetandgreet Hangingwiththeband Lookingdown Boots Christianband

  • Sanded Off The Old Adhesive Residue That Was Hiding These Beautiful Red Oak Floors Woodfloor Woodflooring Hardwood Hardwoodfloors Woodfloorrefinishng Woodsanding Woodworking



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    Getting fancy!

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    Festool is such an addiction

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    Looking like my set up

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    Dooope pic! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Stacks 😎

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    @hero_flooring_llc you gotta come visit soon. congrats on the baby

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    @fdlhardwood thanks bro! I'm heading back North soon I'll hit ya up when I know the date for sure.

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    This picture is sweet

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