[Woodfloor] Woodfloor Sofa’s In Trying To Decide Whether To Add More Cushions

Woodfloor Sofa’s In Trying To Decide Whether To Add More Cushions

Sofau2019s in Trying to decide whether to add more cushions

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  1. no._28 says:

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  2. our.first.home.renovation says:

    I love it. I'd maybe add a different textured cushion or colour to break it up a bit but it looks great. X

  3. my_home_in_squares says:

    Looks lovely. Xx

  4. beccyscountryhome says:

    It's lovely, I would definitely add some more cushions and a nice throw xxx

  5. michelleefahy says:

    Maybe a flash of colour? Looks fab!!! ❤️

  6. countrysidehome_ says:

    Yes pile on the cushions! The more the merrier 😍

  7. eby_home says:

    😍 love it! xx

  8. ladyvictoriahome says:

    Yeah defo some more cushions with a different shade/texture. It’s looking great though 💕

  9. thesnughome says:

    Yes! Sparkly ones xx

  10. homeatvicarageterrace says:

    If day add a textured one be nice and break it up a bit x

  11. myno.15 says:

    More cushion the better! What about ones with different textures but similar colour scheme? Xx

  12. rosehome_x says:

    Love the colour of your sofa 🙌 xx

  13. thewyntondiaries says:

    There’s always enough room for more cushions!!

  14. our_dream_den says:

    I'd add a few darker ones to break it up abit x

  15. wrightswoodcottage says:

    There’s too many cushions on that sofa......said no woman ever!! 😂 xx

  16. belle_bowtique_ says:

    Definitely more cushions - can never have enough haha maybe a bit of colour? Light pink maybe? xx

  17. athomewithholl.x says:

    I like how it is 😍

  18. iamalina.rs says:


  19. monopolydiaries says:


  20. mamashepshouse says:

    One can never have too many cushions! I think some different textures and a deeper colour added!

  21. littlehousethroughthehedge says:


  22. no._28 says:

    @michelleefahy love this idea 😘

  23. no._28 says:

    @ladyvictoriahome any suggestions on where to get them from? X

  24. no._28 says:

    @myno.15 I had a look in tk maxx today but no luck!x

  25. no._28 says:

    @belle_bowtique_ not sure the OH would agree 🙊

  26. belle_bowtique_ says:

    @no._28 just say they were a gift and it would be rude to take them back 😜 x

  27. no._28 says:

    @belle_bowtique_ genius!!x

  28. small_door_big_plans says:

    That’s so nice xx

  29. no._28 says:

    @small_door_big_plans thank you x

  30. sasharosecohen says:

    @no._28 look in m&s and also zara home ! Xx

  31. chershomeproject says:


  32. we_3_bees says:

    You can never have too many cushions!! Different colours and textures would make it look fab! x

  33. interiorbymia says:

    I love the couch😍 me and my cohabitant looooves cushions so we have a few to much😅

  34. borelliea_interiors says:

    Check out @home_on_ascotway ....her work is amazing and she makes the most stunning custom made cushions. Have been keeping an eye on her page for a while now and so impressed. Definitely on our purchase list 😍❤️

  35. home_on_ascotway says:

    @borelliea_interiors thankyou so much for this comment lovely 💜💜

  36. borelliea_interiors says:

    @home_on_ascotway 😘😘

  37. no._28 says:

    @borelliea_interiors thanks for the tip! X

  38. no._28 says:

    @home_on_ascotway having a nosey now! Eeek x

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