[Woodfloor] Here’s Another Shot Of The One Piece Walnut Dining Table For A Client Of Ours Can’t Wait To See This One Woodfloor

Here’s Another Shot Of The One Piece Walnut Dining Table For A Client Of Ours Can’t Wait To See This One Woodfloor

Hereu2019s another shot of the one piece walnut dining table for a client of ours. Canu2019t wait to see this one finished

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  1. jeffmackdesigns says:

    @rhys_r_woodworks we can’t wait to get some finish on it. We are doing a matching bench to go with it!

  2. rhys_r_woodworks says:

    @jeffmackdesigns that’s awesome I’m sure they will love it

  3. timotejlampeignjic says:


  4. dowden_design_ says:

    Is that rubiomonocat finish?

  5. jeffmackdesigns says:

    @justindowden_ this piece only has water on it. We were water popping between sanding grits.

  6. timberdude says:

    Your work jumps off the page. The passion and drive made the tabletop an awesome piece. Cheers

  7. fixthisbuildthat says:

    That's a beauty!

  8. __416ix___ says:

    A price on something like this, maybe finished with a basic Steel frame

  9. mikesads says:


  10. rubiamvieirainteriores says:


  11. anaandthepoetphoto says:


  12. kehoekustom says:

    Some sweet movement in that slab.

  13. rachelstevenspottery says:

    👍 😊 😊 🏆

  14. lucatteli says:


  15. miche_mousee says:

    How big is this table? And how do I get one?

  16. misterbpee says:

    How do you keep it from splitting? Seal or poly both sides or just one?

  17. alliiiiiiiiiiii says:

    Hot damn that’s wide for a single slab

  18. ccleonhardt says:

    Do you finish the wood in any kind of stain or just polyurethane?

  19. insta_a_n_u says:


  20. kustomkongcrete says:

    Flawless 👌

  21. realjessgold says:

    Oh this is going to be gorgeous!

  22. nypowerpainting says:

    Nice !!!

  23. felcon_woodworking says:

    That's beautiful!

  24. be_inspired_with_dominic says:

    Awesome slab. #woodporn

  25. strangerbynature says:

    I think this Beaty is ours! Can’t wait to see it finished!!

  26. freldo_official says:

    go to

  27. freldo_official says:


  28. moncoeurlena says:

    Magnifique !!!!!

  29. dodaddy_diy says:

    Can’t think of anything more awesome than this slab.

  30. brookmca says:

    @jeffmackdesigns what finish is on that

  31. ursulaclaire1983 says:


  32. kristinkorch says:

    Do you ship across Canada?

  33. jeffmackdesigns says:

    @kristinkorch we do ship across Canada. Feel free to email us with what you are interested in and we will happily quote.

  34. jeffmackdesigns says:

    @brookmca this is just water. We always water pop in between sanding grits.

  35. jeffmackdesigns says:

    @ccleonhardt we finish the Wood with @rubiomonocoatusa

  36. jeffmackdesigns says:

    @misterbpee we make sure all our pieces are kiln dried and we finish with @rubiomonocoatusa. We don’t use poly on any of our tables.

  37. jeffmackdesigns says:

    @miche_mousee this table is about 60” by 34”. Feel free to email us with what you are looking for and we will happily quote a table for you.

  38. manmademfg says:

    That glass finish 💯

  39. castillobrizza says:


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