[Woodfurniture] Woodfurniture Gluing Up Some Seats For 9 Chairs These Will Be Awesome With Walnut

Woodfurniture Gluing Up Some Seats For 9 Chairs These Will Be Awesome With Walnut

Gluing up some seats for 9 chairs These will be awesome with walnut sides

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  1. lighthouse_boston says:

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  2. bell_inequality says:

    I’d give that glue a few mins to set before clamping so you don’t get dry spots from squeeze out.

  3. lighthouse_boston says:

    @bell_inequality It'll be wiped down then planed

  4. campbler says:

    Do you worry about not getting full coverage on that glue (gaps of air between boards)? The straight lines would give good adherence but might create small spaces between boards.

  5. lighthouse_boston says:

    @campbler Not With These Chairs And How Thin The Boards Are. If you look at my last post you'll see how I typically do it with thicker boards!!

  6. jazgold85 says:

    Nine is a strange number for a chair order

  7. lighthouse_boston says:

    @jazgold85 one is for our show room! Haha

  8. allandnery says:

    Looking good!

  9. pine_wood_pirate says:

    What are the tunes dude? Im digging it.

  10. lighthouse_boston says:

    @allandnery Thanks Bud!!!

  11. lighthouse_boston says:

    @pine_wood_pirate mandolin orange! One of my faves !!!

  12. campbler says:

    @lighthouse_boston Thanks for the insight I’m always trying to learn more.

  13. matthewphilipwilliams says:

    A good soundtrack always makes a glue up smoother

  14. bell_inequality says:

    @lighthouse_boston well, what I meant was, when you clamp too soon before the glue has a chance to set, you’ll squeeze too much of it out of the joints, and spots won’t adhere correctly. So the best way is to glue, wait a few mins, THEN clamp. 😊

  15. lighthouse_boston says:

    @matthewphilipwilliams for sure!!!!

  16. alexsanderwoodwork says:

    These chairs are turning awesome my man but I am def digging this mellow jam. Calm in the shop is always welcome!

  17. getoffthecouch_design says:

    Nice! Do you run them through the planer once they are dry?

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