[Woodfloor] Woodfloor Time For Floortalk Hey Y’all Thanks For Joining Us Floortalk Is A Weekly Opportunity To Talk Shop With Hundreds Of Other Great Wood Flooring Pro’s Right Here On Instagram We Are

Woodfloor Time For Floortalk Hey Y’all Thanks For Joining Us Floortalk Is A Weekly Opportunity To Talk Shop With Hundreds Of Other Great Wood Flooring Pro’s Right Here On Instagram We Are

Time for Floortalk Hey y'all. Thanks for joining us. Floortalk is a weekly opportunity to talk shop with hundreds of other great wood flooring pro's right here on Instagram. We are here to learn from each other Tonight's Topic: HIRING This goes out to everyone in the flooring business; from the one man operation to the multiple crews operation. How do you hire new employees Do you post ads on any sites: Facebook Instagram Craigslist MySpace etc. Do you use a third party hiring agency What have you had the best luck with Do you run background checks How do you train your new hires Would you rather hire someone with a lot of experience(seasoned) a little experience or no experience(greenhorn ) Do you have a training program established setup or do you improvise If itu2019s a greenhorn do you start them off on holding the cords hoses & vacuuming Do you let a greenhorn get on an edger or the BM (Iu2019ve heard theories on both) Feel free to elaborate and share your ideas or what youu2019ve found works best for you Tonight's Sub Topic: HIRING HORROR STORIES Have you hired someone where it just didnu2019t work out What happened Any funny or scary moments We are running heavy powerful expensive and extremely specialized equipment. And there is a learning curve. Plus we are inside peoples HOME inside their dwellings their bubble their daily routine. Our line of work requires a lot of TRUST from the homeowner Therefore you ABSOLUTELY HAVE to be able to trust your employ employees So thatu2019s why I thought this was a very IMPORTANT TOPIC Have you found it harder to hire with certain generations Tonight's floor was done by the talented infinity hardwood Theyu2019ve been killing it lately Arian is extremely passionate about what he does and you can see that in his posts. He also does a u201cFriday Floor Tipu201d every Friday where you are bond to learn something Go follow him if you arenu2019t already

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  1. floor_artisan says:

    This is gorgeous

  2. floor_artisan says:

    Don't hire family! Imo

  3. sapwoodworking says:

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  4. sapwoodworking says:

    @floor_artisan yes it is! @infinity_hardwood knocked this one out of the park!⚾️

  5. walnutgrovehardwood says:

    I am a one man operation. Tried hiring guys, no major horror stories but even greenhorns seem to want large money with absolutely no experience. Some of the younger generation I've had can't think 2 steps ahead of what you've told and showed them 1000x for the past 6 months.

  6. parkershardwoodinc says:

    Hired a guy last year that stole a clients wedding ring. I had to call a handful of people from jobs he was on, it sucked. Fortunately they were all very cool about things, but I know I lost more work because of it. I did help the lady recover her ring with the help of police and he wouldn’t even look at me when they drove him off in the police car. I yelled ‘You’re fucking fired!’ and trolled his Facebook account for awhile. Since then, I did some extensive research and listed to some podcasts about hiring and asking different types of questions. We used Indeed.com to hire our new guy and he is working out extremely well.

  7. marcablasou says:

    To find someone with skills and integrity is a very hard thing. The few people i trusted bypassed at some point.

  8. timberdude says:

    In my business I have had employees and as with everything in any type of business you can have good or bad. I experienced both. Back when I was doing more flooring my crews had nothing to do with the sand and finish process. I kept them mostly on installs. Even with that I would not have to many other projects running at the same time. Most of my help were those that worked the fire department with me. Only a couple worked opposite shifts so I was able to maintain consistency. You definitely learn lessons good or bad about having others in your business, I certainly did. This is opinion but I think that when it comes down to hiring there are many factors to consider, such reliability, motivation, maintaining consistency, trust, strong work ethic and just an overall ability to work hard. I think that it is important that those of us that own our own businesses do that as well. For those new or starting out I hope that they can become successful. Mike

  9. mattyhardwood says:

    @floor_artisan Agreed! We don't hire family or close friends. Will help them out out and throw so hrs there way but nothing permanent.

  10. floor_artisan says:

    @mattyhardwood currently where I'm at

  11. mattyhardwood says:

    I gone through a ton of guys over the 10yrs in business. I've learnt take time hiring. Hiring the wrong person is a waste of time and money. Good help is hard to find so when you do keep them. We pay OT, benefits, holiday/vaca pay, work phones etc. IMO you are only as good as your team so invest in good ppl! We post ads on kijiji and Facebook ask for resumes and references then interview who we are interested in. I've been looking for another guy for almost 3 months now.

  12. paragon_hardwood_floors says:

    Family and friends for me. You just gotta have that line in the sand. Work is Work. Life is all about being happy and I am happy around my friends and family. I would rather help put food on my loved ones tables as opposed to a stranger. When you need to call in backup that’s when it’s good to have great relationships with your fellow craftsman. @sandhaussyndicate

  13. delaware.valley.hardwoods says:

    I’ve had a ton of different guys and tried different means of hiring. Everything from trade schools to monster/indeed. The best way I’ve found is to seed and weed. Give them a shot and at the first thought that they aren’t a fit, cut ties. I’ve had some good ones, from thieves to the “I have 20yrs experience” who tanks a natural refinish, to the new guy that puts stain rags on corian countertops. Then there’s always the guy that knows more than the boss bc he “used to have his own business”. I also have had the guy that constantly tries to make you look bad even as an employee ie. tells clients that the work that was done (by him) was crappy. Unfortunately, we will always have the battle of finding decent help as our trade is way more detailed and requires more learning capability than others. We need to know electricity, wood science, chemistry, carpentry and have a keen eye for detail on top of many other things I’m forgetting lol. Good luck to everyone for 2018, this should be an EPIC year!!🍻

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