[Woodfloor] Woodfloor We Ran Into An Issue On Install And That Was After We Ran Off Of Our First Chalk Line It Started To Throw The Whole Frame Out Of Square If You Would Site Down The Lines On The

Woodfloor We Ran Into An Issue On Install And That Was After We Ran Off Of Our First Chalk Line It Started To Throw The Whole Frame Out Of Square If You Would Site Down The Lines On The

We ran into an issue on install and that was after we ran off of our first chalk line it started to throw the whole frame out of square. If you would site down the lines on the tongue and groove and the edge of the light tray for parallel you could see it was off. Our fix was to assemble the entire tray and leave the center of one side installed. Then using supports on both sides of the frame adjacent to our u201cpivot pointu201d we disconnected the rest of the frame from the ceiling and left the couple screws on the center and used that point and the supports to swing the whole frame into position. Now when I walk by the ceiling I wonu2019t be bothered by the lines not being parallel and know that we did what we should have. Could we have left it Maybe but I donu2019t want that to be on us. It may still appear in this photo that itu2019s off but I will Post today in stories showing that itu2019s all aligned. Still need to add trim on the tongue and groove when our material arrives. keepcraftalive finehomebuilding carpenter carpentry homerenovation reno remodel woodworking finishcarpenter omaha quality craftsman homes finishcarpentry baseboard trim construction newconstruction diy hgtv woodfloor moderncraftsman walnut

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  1. thekeystonecarpenter says:

    Awesome work Jason. I enjoyed the stories on this one 👌

  2. jchcabinets says:

    But how did you get it up?!?!?

  3. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @jchcabinets one by one. Each section was left separate and we installed one side at a time. Starting with the one closest to the barrel. Dominos helped to support the one side while we positioned each part

  4. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @thekeystonecarpenter thanks man

  5. rweza.1354 says:


  6. bordeauxrenovation says:


  7. mollakcustomcarpentry says:

    Nice work! You still haven’t told me how long your walnuts are though. 🤔

  8. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @mollakcustomcarpentry 60

  9. screwednglued99 says:

    I have always said what separates us from them is how we see things and how we leave things. Absolutely great adjustment to correct the visual. Most folks wouldn’t have ever caught it but you did and I am guessing it would have “kept you up at night” not to have corrected it. Beautiful work!

  10. mollakcustomcarpentry says:

    @jpmconstructioninc Celsius or Fahrenheit?

  11. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @mollakcustomcarpentry yes

  12. mollakcustomcarpentry says:

    @jpmconstructioninc haha. Great work, sir. Fine craftsmanship.

  13. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @mollakcustomcarpentry thank you twin

  14. designerentryway says:


  15. mollakcustomcarpentry says:

    @jpmconstructioninc I’m starting wonder if it’s about time for another twin post. We don’t ever work together anymore. 😪

  16. griffelscustom says:

    Looks great I love this vaulted ceiling

  17. pennsyfan says:

    Amazing work.

  18. jaybuildz says:

    Anymore pics of this project?

  19. jr_in_tennessee says:

    Slick detail

  20. celticfinishing says:

    This is crazy man!! So good!!

  21. jpmconstructioninc says:

    @jaybuildz yes. Many more. Will be posting some over the next several days.

  22. jaybuildz says:

    @jpmconstructioninc we have a skylight in our kitchen and its laid out exactly the same and until seeing this we have had no idea how we wanted to finish it when we repaint the kitchen.

  23. trailsidehandyman says:


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