[Woodfurniture] Hello Friends I’m Snowed In Today And It Feels So Good To Stay Home Many Schools And Colleges Are Closed Around Here There’s So Many Projects Around The House That Have Woodfurniture

Hello Friends I’m Snowed In Today And It Feels So Good To Stay Home Many Schools And Colleges Are Closed Around Here There’s So Many Projects Around The House That Have Woodfurniture

Hello friends Iu2019m snowed in today and it feels so good to stay home Many schools and colleges are closed around here. Thereu2019s so many projects around the house that have been on hold and it feels good to check them off my list. Also Itu2019s pizza for dinner tonight because Itu2019s National Pizza Day What is your favorite topping on your pizza I love a veggie pizza without sauce (I canu2019t have tomatoes ). We rarely have it so when we do itu2019s a treat. Make it a great Friday . thegreatestoftheseislove banner love beddecoration sign pillows lovequotes greens garland bedroomdecor bed masterbedroom loveisallyouneed woodfurniture woodandmetal bedroominspo inspoquote sharethelove arhaus lovesign

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  1. the_disney_dwelling says:

    Pineapple and pepperoni

  2. jadefarmhouse says:

    I LOVE pizza! My favorite is pepperoni and black olives!🍕

  3. coastal_happiness says:

    Love pizza my husband is gluten free so we don’t eat much pizza anymore on occasion I sneak a piece out and I love the white pizza with ricotta cheese 😊

  4. jodicarless says:

    @coastal_happiness ooh..that sounds so yummy! I prefer gluten free, too! 🍕

  5. jodicarless says:

    @jadefarmhouse i forget about black olives! I love them! I’ll add them tonight!

  6. jodicarless says:

    @the_disney_dwelling oh yum! Sounds so good. Enjoy the weekend!

  7. littlelovenest says:

    We are doing pizza too! We usually do on Fridays as well! Lol cute sign with the greenery! Have a good evening!

  8. decor.dogs.and.donuts says:

    I love this adorable vignette! We’re having my husbands fav burger place even though pizza is his ultimate fav food so I’ll have to tell him he’s missing out on National Pizza Day lol.

  9. the_nelson_nest says:

    Aww!! I wish we'd get snowed in!!

  10. sequoialane says:

    So pretty!!! We love pizza night! I love a good white sauce pizza 😬

  11. thecornerfarmhouse says:

    We're having pizza night tooo! 🍕🍕 I like mushrooms and red onion 😋

  12. jodicarless says:

    @thecornerfarmhouse ooh sounds yummy 😋

  13. jodicarless says:

    @sequoialane I’m with you!!

  14. jodicarless says:

    @the_nelson_nest we’ve got plenty of the fluffy stuff here to go around! ☃️

  15. jodicarless says:

    @decor.dogs.and.donuts ha that will be fun, too! Pizza can wait ✋🏻

  16. jodicarless says:

    @littlelovenest Yay!!Thanks Vanessa! You, too!!

  17. fallons.homestead says:

    We always have Pizza Fridays!!

  18. christinejaynes says:

    Happy Friday! Love those cozy accomplishing days!!

  19. jodicarless says:

    @fallons.homestead that’s a fun tradition!

  20. allfromthegroundup says:

    Cute!!! Enjoy the snow.

  21. ourhappycarmonhome says:

    Mmm pizza sounds so good!

  22. myhoustonhouse says:

    Sounds like it was a great day!!

  23. makennahair says:

    Have you ever tried white sauce? Or even just olive oil instead of sauce. So yummy!! But my all time favorite is olive and mushrooms mmmm

  24. holysassypants says:

    I love this little banner.

  25. rose_wood_decor_ says:

    This is adorable! Your pizza sounds delish! Happy Monday!

  26. myeverythinginbetween says:

    I love fresh mozzarella and basil and super light sauce

  27. ourlucaslife says:

    I love Hawaiian pizza!

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