[Woodfurniture] Have You Ever Seen This Check My Stories For The Product Info There’s Alot Of Talk These Days About Epoxy This Is What I Use To Fill Knots And Holes Dries With In 5 Minutes And Woodfurniture

Have You Ever Seen This Check My Stories For The Product Info There’s Alot Of Talk These Days About Epoxy This Is What I Use To Fill Knots And Holes Dries With In 5 Minutes And Woodfurniture

Have you ever seen this Check my stories for the product info . There's alot of talk these days about epoxy. This is what I use to fill knots and holes Dries with in 5 minutes and ready to be sanded

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  1. lighthouse_boston says:

    @stonecitywoodworks haha ok ok I'll put it in my stories

  2. lighthouse_boston says:

    @southernmade.woodwork I'm Going To Explain it in my stories!

  3. lighthouse_boston says:

    @hallmancarpentry I'm Going To Put It In Stories!

  4. lighthouse_boston says:

    @graysonwooddesign Will Be In My Stories

  5. lighthouse_boston says:

    @kingwoodworking Haha I'm Going To Put It In My Stories

  6. lighthouse_boston says:

    @_grizzly_t Will Be In My Stories

  7. lighthouse_boston says:

    @j.meirion_carp Nope! I'll out it in stories

  8. lighthouse_boston says:

    @gettingbacktonella Hahaha I'm Going To Put It In My Stories

  9. lighthouse_boston says:

    @loren_gameros Ya I Don't Make Cutting Boards Lol Its Awesome Stuff I'm Going To Put It Ijn My Stories

  10. mccarthywoodworks says:

    Looks like that mighty putty stuff that billy mays used to sell on tv.

  11. lighthouse_boston says:

    @mccarthywoodworks Pretty Much Haha

  12. pine_wood_pirate says:

    I heard you’re going to put it in your stories

  13. lighthouse_boston says:

    @pine_wood_pirate yup it's there

  14. wolfwoodshop1 says:

    I love flex seal!

  15. nail_7707 says:

    100 лет так делаем😂🤣🤣

  16. reclaimed_ohio says:

    That wood epoxy is great. I used it to repair a corner on a dresser. They had at woodcraft by me but just in tan.

  17. kntd_design says:

    What is this voodoo? I know, I know, you’re going to put it in your story. Lol

  18. lighthouse_boston says:

    @reclaimed_ohio Awesome! Perfect spot for it!

  19. lighthouse_boston says:

    @kntd_design Kinda Is Lol

  20. reclaimed_ohio says:

    @lighthouse_boston they have a product by jb weld that works the same if you need something like it and can't wait to order online. They usually only have in light brown and dark brown though

  21. reclaimed_ohio says:

    @reclaimed_ohio lowes and Home Depot have it

  22. joey_d29 says:

    Where do you find that material. I use a lot of reclaimed barn wood and have plenty of knots to use that stuff on

  23. lighthouse_boston says:

    @joey_d29 Quickwood.com ! Awesome Stuff

  24. joey_d29 says:

    Thank you so much. You sir are a gentlemen

  25. hopeswoodshop says:

    Does it hold up over the years or will it dry out and fall off? That’s usually my concern.

  26. jgwoodworks16 says:

    Just got some of that stuff a couple weeks ago from a finish supply store near me. Works great!!! I for walnut and pine but they had every species(color).

  27. lighthouse_boston says:

    @hopeswoodshop I Wouldn't Use It If It Did!

  28. lighthouse_boston says:

    @jgwoodworks16 nice man!!!

  29. n8_a_murray says:

    Great stuff I've used it to fix all sorts of things....my dad used it to fix claw feet on an antique table where part of the claw foot had broke off, he used a light color epoxy to mold and shape the the foot on the table once he was done you couldn't tell it had ever been broke.

  30. lighthouse_boston says:

    @n8_a_murray That's Really Awesome To Hear!

  31. ffg229 says:

    I’ve got a table I built with old reclaimed wood. Would you recommend it ok on that too?

  32. lighthouse_boston says:

    @ffg229 In The Knots And The Holes. Not in the cracks

  33. beachtodesertwoodworking says:


  34. cariyourchair_upholstery says:

    I like to slightly mix 2-3 colors tones of this when filling

  35. periodcraftsmen says:

    Tootsie roll is also the name and Mohawk offers 10 plus diff colors.

  36. sawdustjunkies says:

    Oh wow that’s awesome!

  37. neffconcepts says:

    Ok so I understand it was in your stories but I just started following... please tell me what this is!!

  38. lighthouse_boston says:

    @neffconcepts Haha Ok This Is Called Quick Wood !

  39. neffconcepts says:

    @lighthouse_boston Thanks!!

  40. bluejwoodworking says:


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