[Woodfurniture] Woodfurniture Morning In The Greatroom Of Our Midcenturyhome (hub’s On The

Woodfurniture Morning In The Greatroom Of Our Midcenturyhome (hub’s On The

morning in the greatroom of our midcenturyhome (hubu2019s on the floor)

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  1. roma.arellano says:

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  2. reupped_on_etsy says:

    @roma.arellano Love the openness and the beams. In another life, I would love to live in a townhome (which we have in LR) that was built with the multi level rooms with the short sets of steps and have this type of furniture. We have a shop that sells fabulous Danish Modern which makes me drool. Another life.

  3. reupped_on_etsy says:

    Edit do not own townhome in LR those types are just built there

  4. reupped_on_etsy says:

    Wish I did own one tho! Ha!

  5. roma.arellano says:

    @reupped_on_etsy Yes, love the idea of a smaller loft some day and not nearly as much land!

  6. roma.arellano says:

    @reupped_on_etsy How far away is LR? Could you have one there with a storefront downstairs?

  7. reupped_on_etsy says:

    @roma.arellano no it is gated. We looked at one for mom but too many erratic stairs. It is the type where you step up 3 steps to the dining room step down 4 steps into den it is like one of those 60s style new york apartment type numbers you see in the movies. So cool.

  8. roma.arellano says:

    @reupped_on_etsy Yeah, steps would be so dangerous for her.

  9. daisy_bowie says:

    @roma.arellano me too

  10. roma.arellano says:

    @daisy_bowie you can move into the house and we’ll take the loft :)

  11. daisy_bowie says:

    @roma.arellano no thanky

  12. reupped_on_etsy says:

    @roma.arellano I will say that is one clever idea though! Dreamin

  13. garrett_laos says:

    How Cool!

  14. roma.arellano says:

    @garrett_laos 🙏

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