[Woodfurniture] Woodfurniture Figured I’d Use A Vee Bit To Clean Up Those Scraggly Edges On This Monogram I’m Cutting Out With My Shapeoko 3 XXL Cnc Machine With Every Piece I Make I Get A Little Better

Woodfurniture Figured I’d Use A Vee Bit To Clean Up Those Scraggly Edges On This Monogram I’m Cutting Out With My Shapeoko 3 XXL Cnc Machine With Every Piece I Make I Get A Little Better

Figured Iu2019d use a Vee Bit to clean up those scraggly edges on this monogram Iu2019m cutting out with my shapeoko 3 XXL cnc machine With every piece I make I get a little better. cnc cncwoodworking shapeoko amanatools toolstoday . tgwpfindme . modernrustic reclaimed tools handmade woodworking customfurniture furniture maker upcycle garage barnwood workshop garage diyproject farmhouse table rustic carpentry woodworker woodfurniture woodturning woodtable metalfurniture farmlife diy

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  1. thepaintedfarmclockery says:

    Love seeing this!!

  2. wood_n_steel says:

    Looks fun!

  3. ultimate.maker says:

    @thepaintedfarmclockery 😎👌

  4. ultimate.maker says:

    @wood_n_steel It’s challenging but lots of fun when it works lol.

  5. wannabe_maker says:

    Turn that speed up.. 😜

  6. ultimate.maker says:

    @wannabe_maker Hahahaha I thought about it but figured I’d try a slow video for once 😂

  7. patrickjbarnett says:

    I need one of these @shapeoko cnc machines something fierce. Well done sir!

  8. dustysawhorse says:

    So jealous lol 😊

  9. wannabe_maker says:

    What software are you using? If using aspire, there is a chamfer gadget.

  10. ultimate.maker says:

    @wannabe_maker I’m using Carbide motion. There probably is a chamfer feature I just haven’t figured it out yet lol.

  11. ultimate.maker says:

    @patrickjbarnett thank you!! Yes these machines are amazing!🙌

  12. wannabe_maker says:

    @ultimate.maker lol

  13. danaalford says:

    Too cool!

  14. cp_woodworks_andrew_pinter says:

    Lovin it!!

  15. ultimate.maker says:

    @cp_woodworks_andrew_pinter Thanks Andrew👊

  16. hardeedesign says:


  17. heritagedesignco says:

    What a great idea! That cleaned things up nicely.

  18. ultimate.maker says:

    @hardeedesign Thanks 🙌

  19. ultimate.maker says:

    @heritagedesignco Thanks it ended up working very well. No extra coding needed. Once it was finished with the profile cuts I just reset it back to the same X/Y installed the VEE bit and ran the same gcode for one pass and just stopped it once it made an entire pass. But when I zeroed out the vee bit I plunged it into the wood about a 1/16” just so it would take a little extra meat off. 👌

  20. heritagedesignco says:

    @ultimate.maker you’re a genius. I’m definitely doing this on some of my next projects.

  21. ultimate.maker says:

    @heritagedesignco Hahahaha I wouldn’t go as far as genius! Clever yes lol.

  22. toolstoday says:

    @ultimate.maker V groove router bit doing a good job plus great 👍 CNC programming. Happy New Year 🎉

  23. dex3m says:

    @isamarie72 😍😍

  24. carpenterkevinmaczynski says:

    Ahhhhh satisfying😅

  25. kreith_32 says:

    If the down side is uninteresting you can use a downcut bit.

  26. ultimate.maker says:

    @kreith_32 I actually have a whole bunch of different bits on order right now. Hopefully the down spiral bit works well. 👌

  27. fultonfinewoodworks says:

    Took me a while to figure out this trick I am a little over one year in with my CNC. It's a career and skill set within itself for sure.

  28. webnaround says:

    That’s bad ass!!

  29. because._cnc says:

    Really nice tool 👍 😍

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