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  • Tired Young Sheba On Old Wooden Floor Gearmongrel Gsd Germanshepherd Woodfloor Dog Tired Tireddog

  • Original Antique Heart Pine Floor In The Central Page Centralpage Antiqueheartpine Heartpine Woodfloor Oldhouse

  • Ci Vediamo Ad Hannover Alla Fiera Domotex See You In Hannover At The Domotex Fair Domotex Domotex Hannover Domotex2018 Fair Mardeganlegno Stand Fiera Hannover Wood Modern Woodfloor
  • So Glad We Decided To Bite The Bullet And Have Usb Port Power Sockets Put At The Ends Of Our Island Bench Pricey At Just Under 70 Each But So Worth It Clipsalusbpowerpoints Woodfloor

  • Follow ( Fl 3d Wall Art ) 3d Wall Art Now Available Woodfloors Woodfloor Woodpanels Greencouch Olivecouch Trees Purpleflowers Purpleflowers Leaves Greenleaves Bush Greenbushes



  1. woodfloorbusiness says:

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  2. moderntechwf says:

    Slept on his arm the wrong way.

  3. luii_thefloorguy says:

    Couldn’t find right address went to wrong house

  4. woodfloorbusiness says:

    @moderntechwf You kidding me?

  5. brian8731 says:

    Poly poisoning

  6. thelondonwoodflooringco says:

    "Couldn't be bothered" well at least he was honest and didn't fob me off with some generic excuse 😂😂

  7. moderntechwf says:

    @woodfloorbusiness was a Co worker ,not my employee. Same guy gets the bottle flue most Mondays.

  8. formatto_woodworks says:

    Didn't wake up on a Monday because he thought it was Sunday!

  9. reelknottyfishing says:

    Got locked up for child support🤣🤣🤣

  10. gonzalezfloorinstallations says:

    Felt like he worked hard enough the day before so he could take the next day off

  11. josh_b_frink says:

    Surfs up!

  12. shanebroumand says:

    @woodfloorbusiness just happened today. New hire is 11 days into the job and dropped his phone, then his wife went to San Diego and couldn’t get a baby sitter. Smh.

  13. fisherbuildingco says:

    His son had surgery in April, then again in may, and again in June.. the last one in July he finally was getting the stitches removed, but they messed up and he had to go back 3 Times.. finally he ran out of excuses and just stopped coming in..

  14. hkflooring says:

    Showed up at 3:45 on a Thursday, said She thought it was Friday instead of Thursday.....both of which she had to work

  15. board_daddy says:

    "no one called me"

  16. jackmcgee75 says:

    I pooped my pants.

  17. masonmo2005 says:

    Car battery dead. Flat tire. Wife didnt wake up early enough to drive me to work

  18. prwoodfloors says:

    Went fishing all day and got second degree sun burns. That was me and I ended up going in an hour early and cleaning the shop instead since the schedule was packed.

  19. ellenandbuddy says:

    Thought he may get hurt because the day before a worker told him if he stepped on the string again he was going to push him down the stairs.

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