[Woodfloor] Time For Floortalk Hey Y’all First Off I Just Want To Wish You All A Merry Christmas I Hope Everyone Is Getting To Spend Time With Their Family So I’ll Keep It Lite Tonight Woodfloor

Time For Floortalk Hey Y’all First Off I Just Want To Wish You All A Merry Christmas I Hope Everyone Is Getting To Spend Time With Their Family So I’ll Keep It Lite Tonight Woodfloor

Time for Floortalk Hey y'all. First off I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas I hope everyone is getting to spend time with their family. So Iu2019ll keep it lite tonight Which of these floors is your is your favorite Thanks for joining us. Floortalk is a weekly opportunity to talk shop with hundreds of other great wood flooring pro's right here on Instagram. We are here to learn from each other Tonight's Topic: REFLECTING As we draw an end to the year lets reflect. Looking back on 2017 what was different this year than last year 2016 Did you have better jobs Did you take on more jobs or fewer jobs Did your company business grow Did you find yourself charging more for your work Did you find yourself trying different products Did you find yourself trying new techniques If so what were the new techniques And also if yes did IG play a role in any of these changes new things I hope that this year has been an awesome year for everyone Tonight's Sub Topic: FAVORITE JOB What was your favorite job of the year Describe the job and why it was your favorite Was it because it was more challenging or was it because it was the most profitable job Was it an install or just a sand & finish Or both Did you use a product you were familiar with or did you try something new Tonight's floors are from the jamiebeckwithcollection. These floors are designed and made in their state of the art workshop facility. This company is at the forefront of custom patterned floors They are CNC precision milled patterns that are ready to assemble onsite Check out their beautiful work on IG

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  2. periodcraftsmen says:

    1 & 5

  3. 1340muriel says:

    They asked me to search for artists. Do you want to share your creations on our main page? 😊 If interested, please check the link in our bio for more details

  4. landcenturycom says:


  5. campeon_de_amor says:

    Favorite job by far wasn't a floor but was doing some steps for home owner. beginning to end no boss on my back telling me to hurry , do this do that since he was on vacation that week. I Took my time, measured twice cut once, had a nice pace going, had everything set up how I wanted (saws tools material). I should've finished a day ahead of boss wasn't short on material lol. I blew away h.o. expectations on stairs. Literally left him speechless. Gave me n co worker nice tip.

  6. new_york_hardwood_restoration says:

    First year in business was amazing. It's great to have you guys as role models @sapwoodworking @callmetito

  7. gonzalezfloorinstallations says:

    Took on way more jobs this year. Always seemed to be busy and it feels great. Other years have been a slump but this year my business grew way more. My favorite job of the year honestly was the engineered job I just did a couple weeks ago because of the size and because of the way the customer wanted something that wasn’t just plain old one direction all the way through the house.

  8. woodworknation says:

    Cool! 🛠️ We'd appreciate a follow on our new page @woodworknation ! 👊

  9. erlihepe says:

    Wow !!

  10. ilayitforu says:

    Merry Xmas to all and a special shout out to @sapwoodworking for taking his time and holding #floortalk every week great work This year my favorite job was a herringbone with borders it’s still not complete but I have enjoyed the challenge

  11. remarkablefloors says:

    This year for us felt like a few steps backwards, overall a good year fiscally just not as many steps in the direction I’m trying to go. Our focus this coming year in 2018 is going to be definitely more sanding, and custom installs (Chevron, herringbone, custom parquets etc.) our favourite job of the year was the job we just finished. Long length European white oak, we made chevron on site, and did French knots. Hopefully a lot more like this one in 2018! Merry Christmas to all the florists here on IG! Thanks for the love, inspiration, and kind words! Let’s keep rising the bar and pushing for more in the coming year!

  12. martins_floor_sanding says:

    2017 was a good year. Added 2 new employees , went up on pricing , purchased more equipment , learned / used new sanding techniques , tried new products. My favorite job was my last job , and the one before that and so on. Me and my guys look forward going to work each day. We have fun & enjoy what we do. Looking forward to 2018. Merry Christmas to all my fellow floor nuts.

  13. walktall44 says:

    I like all of them! 2017 was a good year, made the decision to go out on my own so I'm looking forward to that in late spring. I've learned so much from so many guys here on IG and in person, it has opened my eyes and my passion for this trade grew x10! We've tried some new techniques, and we've had setbacks, but all in all it was a good year of very consistant business and almost only what we like-site finished!! My favorite job was actually a little 200 sq ft larch floor that I stained speciel walnut. My boss didn't think it would work out very well, but I got to do it all my way, and it came out PERFECT. That was one of the greatest feelings ever, and I don't think I'll ever forget that one. Y'all have a wonderful Christmas, and a ha1poy new year!!

  14. accent_flooring says:

    It was my first year on my own and I was able to do exactly what I wanted. I did some custom installs and colors, custom onsite distressing and worked with some awesome contractors and homeowners. I only had one difficult customer but even she was happy with the final product. 2018 goals: a few more jobs and a lot more inspiration. I want to push myself to the next level but still only do a few jobs a month. Good work @sapwoodworking.

  15. ayunasir says:

    Amazing! 😄

  16. jamiebeckwithcollection says:

    @sapwoodworking wow! So kind of you to share our flooring. 2017 was a great year and we are hoping for more of the same in 2018. We are a company that does not install our floors but manufacturer and design. We are always in awe of the talented installers that have such expertise with not only our floors but so many beautiful products that are out there. I wish you and yours a heathy and prosperous 2018!

  17. clevelandwoodbee says:


  18. steph_tie says:

    @mmcreavy #FloorPorn

  19. susyayala says:

    Cool designs

  20. forthosethatwander says:

    Wow so fantastic. You are keeping beautiful craftsmanship alive. Have an artist I think would love to see your page @sunyawhitelight

  21. triad_rebuild says:

    No floor talk today??

  22. sapwoodworking says:

    Yes, it will Be later this evening

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  24. deborahweinstein says:

    Beautiful work‼️‼️‼️

  25. amirbaum says:

    Beautiful work

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