[Woodfloor] Woodfloor Manitoba Maple Floating Computer Desk Getting Its Voids Filled With Ecopoxy We Are Able To Pour The Full 2 5” Thickness In One Shot Crystal Clear & Non

Woodfloor Manitoba Maple Floating Computer Desk Getting Its Voids Filled With Ecopoxy We Are Able To Pour The Full 2 5” Thickness In One Shot Crystal Clear & Non

Manitoba Maple floating computer desk getting its voids filled with ecopoxy We are able to pour the full 2.5u201d thickness in one shot crystal clear & non toxic

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  1. goose67 says:

    What do we do if we don’t have a vacuum apparatus like you showed in the video?

  2. luis_pinto335 says:


  3. papawjohn1 says:

    That's beautiful!

  4. highpointcustoms says:

    Does the tuck tape seal well enough to the wood to not leak? I’ve never thought of using that, I usually use plastic masking tape (stucco tape)

  5. liveedgerescue says:

    That's amazing! Just got some of that ecopoxy! Didn't know you could do that thick of a pour though!

  6. hut_life23 says:

    How are you sealing the bottom?

  7. brendawitherel says:

    Outstanding work!

  8. clumsy.gg says:

    Cant wait the final 😍

  9. ullsie says:


  10. thewoodchipmarie says:


  11. rootedsk says:

    Love Ecopoxy! Use it for all my woodworking!

  12. lucashollingsworth says:

    @cooperrella filling cracks

  13. best_design20 says:


  14. 4.5d2 says:

    @narolwoodworks it's a fungus. Not injured or the the harsh season. I've slabbed about 20 Manitoba maple and only found two that did not have the red

  15. 5_oh_my says:

    How would you compare their product to West Systems?

  16. prospectstreetdesign says:

    How do you seal the bottom @canadianwoodworks ? I always have trouble with the bottom seal when filling voids

  17. canadianwoodworks says:

    @prospectstreetdesign We just tape the underside once dressed and sanded to 150 grit, use a rubber roller on the tape to really get it stuck down, we like tuck tape as it really seems to seal and hold well. Usually it’s the heat from the reaction the makes tape come off at the worst time! This epoxy has almost zero heat increase as it hardens, so much better for not leaking.

  18. canadianwoodworks says:

    @5_oh_my I’ve only used west systems a couple times, my experience was very smelly and a yellow / brown colour so basically the opposite experience to @ecopoxy zero harmful fumes and crystal clear!

  19. canadianwoodworks says:

    @sshomedevelopments Great to hear!

  20. canadianwoodworks says:

    @clumsy.gg Us too 👍

  21. canadianwoodworks says:

    @hut_life23 We used tape to seal the under side

  22. canadianwoodworks says:

    @highpointcustoms How do you find the plastic masking tape worked? Yes we find tuck tape works great. But still sometimes have a little drip 😬

  23. canadianwoodworks says:

    @goose67 If your careful with your mixing and remove bubbles with a blow torch as you pour you’ll be good to go

  24. 5_oh_my says:

    @canadianwoodworks good to know, I’ll have to check them out.

  25. dillonderby says:

    How much is the ecoepoxy couldn’t find pricing in there site @canadianwoodworks

  26. brooklyncarpentry says:

    Looks great 👌

  27. rough_seas_woodworks says:

    @canadianwoodworks I might have to try the ecopoxy but haven't had the same issue with smell and colour using west systems you did...although I have only used it in small amounts

  28. highpointcustoms says:

    @canadianwoodworks it works really well. And I doesn’t ever leave residue on the wood. Doesn’t seem to leak either

  29. elaverty says:

    @canadianwoodworks do you just resand the top once the ecopoxy is dry to smooth out any overflow spots?

  30. robertgrahambatchelor says:

    @juliensilver L’epoxy qu’il te faut

  31. marciorosasilval says:

    Very bealtiful

  32. raits.hots says:


  33. wudrest says:

    Wow. Nice slab.

  34. brycecampbel says:

    @dillonderby - I've looked into the @Ecopoxy stuff and I've see 2 L kits for $140 CND -- Haven't tried it myself, but looks like great stuff! Plus I was excited to see it's Canadian based too!

  35. ktoth.ca says:

    Does this ecopoxy not stink?

  36. redridgemillwork says:

    @canadianwoodworks That is amazing how clear you get it without degassing! How thick did you pour before torching it? BTW love the coloring on the slab? Got anything big enough in stock for our 56" round table project??...clients might like that option! Happy Holidays Paul and company...👍

  37. kingsoly1 says:

    We have been selling Ecopoxy at Woodchuckers for almost a year and do really like the producy

  38. kingsoly1 says:


  39. kywoodandwhiskeycompany says:

    Very nice! Can you pour that in any temperature? The stuff I’ve used in the past can’t be poured if the temp is less than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to say, now that it’s winter, it’s hard for my garage to get to that temp.

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