[Woodfloor] Woodfloor This Fireplace Mantel Was Designed To Be The Focal Point Of The Family Room And I LOVED The Way The Diamond Pattern Tile Made It Shine Unfortunately It Didn’t Quite Fit

Woodfloor This Fireplace Mantel Was Designed To Be The Focal Point Of The Family Room And I LOVED The Way The Diamond Pattern Tile Made It Shine Unfortunately It Didn’t Quite Fit

This fireplace mantel was designed to be the focal point of the family room and I LOVED the way the diamond pattern tile made it shine Unfortunately it didnu2019t quite fit perfectly and we were trying to come up with a solution to make it work. At one point I was so annoyed with it I gave up on it and was going to just replace it with the print tile thatu2019s now in the center. but it was too small to cover the gaps I was bummed because the color was perfect but for some reason I ended up leaving the samples on site. When our tile guy went by later he said the print tile was exactly what we needed to make to diamond pattern work He thought I left it behind on purpose lol Iu2019m just glad it worked out fireplace fireplaces fireplacedecor fireplacemantel fireplace fireplacelove fireplacedesign fireplacemakeover fireplacemantle homerenovation homerenovations homerenovationideas homerenovationproblems homerenovationlife interiordesign interiordesigner interiordesignideas interiordesigners interiordesigns interiordesigning interiordesignblog interiordesigninspo interiordesignerslife woodfloors woodfloor woodflooring realesate realesateagent realesatelife kadilak

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  1. chris.topher.designs says:

    Super cool design on the fireplace!

  2. riverwoodbuildingcompany says:

    I’m glad it all worked out

  3. riverwoodbuildingcompany says:

    Our business can be stressful! But look- u made it happen !

  4. kadilakhomes says:

    @riverwoodbuildingcompany Thank you! It was touch an go there for a little bit lol

  5. riverwoodbuildingcompany says:

    @kadilakhomes I totally get it

  6. kadilakhomes says:

    @chris.topher.designs Thank you so much!

  7. pouch.nyc says:


  8. pratham.sharma.130 says:

    Great design !! The colours you used around the fire place makes it feel warm and cozzy ! Great job as always 👌👌

  9. archiparti.co says:

    Really like stuff you post on here. Wish you all the best and keep pushing on towards your dreams.

  10. kadilakhomes says:

    @pouch.nyc 😊

  11. kadilakhomes says:

    @pratham.sharma.130 Thank you so much! ☺️

  12. kadilakhomes says:

    @archiparti.co Thank you! 😊

  13. pencasso says:

    Keep it warm 🔥

  14. amarycan.girl says:

    Looks awesome!

  15. kadilakhomes says:

    @amarycan.girl Thank you! 😊

  16. eklettica.arredi says:

    Che bella idea 😍!

  17. kadilakhomes says:

    @eklettica.arredi Grazie 😊

  18. julieahmad_art says:

    Spectacular one

  19. kadilakhomes says:

    @julieahmad_art Thank you!

  20. bright.light.interior says:


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