[Woodfurniture] CNC Junkies Feast Your Eyes On This It’s A Little Drink Serving Tray Cut From Walnut On My Amazing Shapeoko 3 XXL CNC This Took Me About 10 Minutes To Draw Up In CarbideCreate Woodfurniture

CNC Junkies Feast Your Eyes On This It’s A Little Drink Serving Tray Cut From Walnut On My Amazing Shapeoko 3 XXL CNC This Took Me About 10 Minutes To Draw Up In CarbideCreate Woodfurniture

CNC Junkies feast your eyes on this Itu2019s a little drink serving tray cut from walnut on my amazing shapeoko 3 XXL CNC. This took me about 10 minutes to draw up in CarbideCreate and another 10 minutes to cut out. The possibilities are endless carbide3d cncwoodworking cnc cncvideo walnut . modernrustic reclaimed tools handmade woodworking customfurniture furniture maker upcycle garage barnwood workshop garage diyproject farmhouse table rustic carpentry woodworker woodfurniture woodturning woodtable metalfurniture farmlife diy

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  1. benoit_woodworks says:

    Hello micro breweries!

  2. kreith_32 says:

    It reminds me on a game. Was it cricket? 🤣

  3. garrick404 says:

    Awesome! What are you using to hold down the workpiece?

  4. mikejmof says:

    @allornothinfitness these are around 1600$ and not to hard to draw and program from what I understand

  5. grwoodwork says:

    @ultimate.maker Can I just send you my orders Lol

  6. ultimate.maker says:

    @benoit_woodworks bingo👌

  7. ultimate.maker says:

    @garrick404 I just shot an 18ga Brad in each corner

  8. ultimate.maker says:

    @grwoodwork bwahahahaha

  9. ultimate.maker says:

    @mikejmof I have zero experience with programming or drawing software so I was starting from scratch. All you have to do is watch some YouTube videos and your good to go. Edward at @Shapeoko is very quick to help with any questions.

  10. molsen808 says:

    space age tech compared to how I get mine done

  11. ultimate.maker says:

    @molsen808 yeah Mike I’m not talented enough to do it by hand!

  12. molsen808 says:

    what your doing requires skill also... keep up the good work.. How loud is the machine?

  13. ultimate.maker says:

    @molsen808 Thank you!! The CNC motors are quiet. But the dewalt router is screaming loud when it’s at full power but I’ve been running it at No.4 and it’s not to bad. My wife says she can’t hear it at all unless the TV is turned off.

  14. mikejmof says:

    @ultimate.maker awesome! Thanks for the info!

  15. theme_loloooo says:


  16. kustomtrends says:

    What’s the run time on something like this ? At least on your settings of feeds and speeds?

  17. ultimate.maker says:

    @kustomtrends this took right at 10 min. I had the feed rate set at 75in and the depth per pass at 1/8”

  18. cp_woodworks_andrew_pinter says:

    I love mine also! It’s intimidating at first but you tube some videos and watch the tutorials on the carbide create and your of and running.

  19. kustomtrends says:

    @ultimate.maker nice 👌🏻thanks for the reply, much appreciated. Ive been eyeballing this machine for a while now so it’s nice to get some input 👍🏼thanks

  20. jefersonlira948 says:

    Preciso desse suporte!

  21. stuartdayguitars says:

    I was just looking at one of these. Cool looking machine but it looks like it only can handle about 3" on the z axis. Is that the case?

  22. ultimate.maker says:

    @stuartdayguitars I believe it’s more like 5” I have the router at its lowest possible setting but you can move it all the way up into the collet.

  23. stuartdayguitars says:

    @ultimate.maker ohh cool. Maybe it will work for me after all. Thanks for the reply!

  24. hiagorz says:


  25. andreeralmeida says:

    @hiagorz show. A minha tá aqui. Haha

  26. intothewoods_woodworking says:

    CNCs are such great shop tools.

  27. jpaulsen_exteriors says:


  28. a___assem says:

    @a94__s @ks_0q @_a9m7_

  29. _a9m7_ says:

    @a___assem عشت هوه هذا 👌

  30. studio34design says:

    @ultimate.maker this was my question as well.

  31. ultimate.maker says:

    @intothewoods_woodworking the understatement of the year lol.

  32. ultimate.maker says:

    @cp_woodworks_andrew_pinter I’m getting there slowly but surely Andrew! It’s definitely intimidating at first.

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