[Woodfloor] Woodfloor It Was 33 Degrees When We Left The House Today To Head To School (Insert Me Shivering) On The Drive My Son Asked Mom If You Had To Choose Between Cold And Sunny Or Gloomy And Warm

Woodfloor It Was 33 Degrees When We Left The House Today To Head To School (Insert Me Shivering) On The Drive My Son Asked Mom If You Had To Choose Between Cold And Sunny Or Gloomy And Warm

It was 33 degrees when we left the house today to head to school. (Insert me shivering). On the drive my son asked Mom if you had to choose between cold and sunny or gloomy and warm which would it be . My response I'll pick option three: warm and sunny. He just laughed. He knows better than to ask me a question like that. Figaro and Sprout agree. They are in full denial that it's winter time and are soaking up the morning rays as much as possible This is the most sunshine we've had in the 3 winters I've been in the Pacific Northwest. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it holds up. With the terrible winters we've had I deserve a break this year . sharemysquare naturelovetuesday lightandbrighttuesday showusyourdecor itsadecorthing thedecoratedcottage myfarmhousevignette makeyourhomeyourhaven whitespaceswelove yoursimplestyle operationprettyhouse light sun fiddleleaffig plantlady tree whitedecor white woodfloor interiordecor homedecor housebeautiful neutraldecor interiorstyle homeinsp interiors interiorstyling glamdecor homestyle

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  1. operationprettyhouse says:

    @blue_pear_farms I appreciate the warmth and palms sent my way, but you can keep the 30s there! 😂

  2. operationprettyhouse says:

    @cottagecomforts thank you for stopping by to show some love. ❤️

  3. operationprettyhouse says:

    @shemakesithome My kids picked out Figaro, and I picked out Sprout. The others not shown are Newton and Leif. 😂

  4. mymountainretreat says:

    Such a gorgeous room😍 Thank you for sharing for #whitespaceswelove

  5. operationprettyhouse says:

    @mymountainretreat thank you for stopping by my little space of the IG world.😘

  6. decorallday says:

    Love the curtains😍😍 thank you for sharing!!

  7. forever.cairn says:


  8. lakeandforests says:

    And they look very happy with their sunshine. Thank you for sharing with #NatureloveTuesday.

  9. diycraftsmagazine says:


  10. stocktoninteriordesigner says:

    how marvelous is that!

  11. welcometoheardmont says:

    Love those simple white drapes! I’m slowly changing all mine to white as well. Thanks so much for joining #ItsADecorThing !

  12. operationprettyhouse says:

    Thank you for stopping by Yarie.

  13. operationprettyhouse says:

    @lakeandforests yes, they are very happy!

  14. operationprettyhouse says:

    @welcometoheardmont white is definitely easier because it matches everything. 😉

  15. welcometoheardmont says:

    @operationprettyhouse exactly!

  16. nolaacres says:

    There is just so much I love about this! Thank you for sharing for #yoursimplestyle

  17. operationprettyhouse says:

    @nolaacres so sweet of you, thanks!

  18. alliedawnshouse says:

    I agree! Love this view, the curtains are perfection! Thanks for sharing for #ItsADecorThing

  19. operationprettyhouse says:

    @alliedawnshouse thank you so much for stopping by. 😊

  20. furn.nl says:

    nice post!

  21. lovemylilhome says:

    I would love a wall of curtains! Beautiful!

  22. painted_pearls says:

    Lovely and wonderfully warm place to be. Love the floors, curtains and that gorgeous plant!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful space with #WhiteSpacesWeLove

  23. operationprettyhouse says:

    @lovemylilhome I definitely recommend it!

  24. operationprettyhouse says:

    @painted_pearls It is certainly warmer than outside. 😉

  25. alma_rchavz says:

    I absolutely love this view 😍

  26. adorned_home says:

    I prefer warm and sunny too! This is a beautiful view! Love your plants! Thank you for sharing for #yoursimplestyle

  27. operationprettyhouse says:

    @alma_rchavz it’s not too shabby. 😉

  28. operationprettyhouse says:

    @adorned_home warm and sunny is definitely the way to go.

  29. smallworlddesigns says:

    It’s cold where I live too, but I love this sunny view! Thanks so much for sharing for #itsadecorthing!

  30. operationprettyhouse says:

    Oh my, yes- Canada is very cold! Stay warm!

  31. chrisse.aiello says:

    This is so so pretty! Those floors are awesome!!

  32. operationprettyhouse says:

    @chrisse.aiello thank you so much!

  33. gauchofarmhouse says:

    Window game over here, I'm in love! ♡♡♡♡

  34. operationprettyhouse says:

    @gauchofarmhouse Glad to hear you like them as much as I do.

  35. labelladesignstn says:

    This is lovely!

  36. allisonmarieinteriors says:

    Oh! I’m with you all the way! WARM and SUNNY! This beautiful... love the drapes❤️

  37. operationprettyhouse says:

    @labelladesignstn thank you so much Donna. Happy Friday!

  38. operationprettyhouse says:

    @allisonmarieinteriors warm and sunny wins every day, hands down! Thank you for your sweet comment.

  39. lindysbluerabbitcottage says:

    What a fabulous plant in this sunny bright space!! So pretty!!

  40. operationprettyhouse says:

    @lindysbluerabbitcottage so kind of you to say. I will let Figaro know that you think he’s fabulous. 😉

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