[Woodfloor] 3 4” Oak Lasercutting Woodfloor

3 4” Oak Lasercutting Woodfloor

3 4u201d Oak lasercutting woodfloor koboltstudios

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  1. daverafie says:


  2. justce says:

    That's awesome! There's a special protective tape that you can use to protect from burn out!

  3. aerosenthal says:

    Love it! I’ll see ya soon!

  4. koboltartist says:

    @daverafie thanks Dave!

  5. koboltartist says:

    @aerosenthal See you soon!

  6. koboltartist says:

    @justce it cleans with water effortlessly and doesn’t make for much video.😁

  7. sarahavilabattle says:

    That’s insanely cool!!!

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