[Woodfloor] Corebuildingservices We Decided To Get A Little Creative When Putting Down Some Samples For Color Selection Don’t Mind The Mess Woodfloor

Corebuildingservices We Decided To Get A Little Creative When Putting Down Some Samples For Color Selection Don’t Mind The Mess Woodfloor

corebuildingservices We decided to get a little creative when putting down some samples for color selection. Don't mind the mess rubiomonocoat

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  1. rubiomonocoatusa says:

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  2. r.nekookar says:

    Very nice πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  3. boxdrumbuilder says:

    My try some of those colors on my Cajon drums. Cool.

  4. ianvaldez says:

    @rubiomonocoatusa is that citrine top left?

  5. rubiomonocoatusa says:

    @ianvaldez don't think so but @corebuildingservices might share for sure.

  6. dynamicdynosaur says:


  7. gardnerg13 says:

    Do you have a specific brand of painters tape you used for this ?

  8. sweetnfit03 says:


  9. rubiomonocoatusa says:

    @gardnerg13 we do not.

  10. alexisbwatkins says:

    Do you know if people use your products to refinish furniture, like cribs?

  11. biglowwoodcraft says:

    I’d call this a job complete!

  12. kaitlynwyenberg says:

    Haha, I love it!

  13. rubiomonocoatusa says:

    @alexisbwatkins yes they do!

  14. that_swi says:

    @alexisbwatkins I recently refinished a 60+ year old maple crib with it and it looks, feels, and smells great. It was my first time using Rubio and it was incredibly easy to work with. I just ordered more to finish the maple trim on a bookshelf and Murphy bed to coordinate with the crib.

  15. corebuildingservices says:

    @ianvaldez owner picked the color from the sample and I unfortunately didn't keep record of the other ones.😞

  16. oldhouseaddict says:

    Are there any products in your line that will work on softwood flooring (like, really old pine that's currently being sanded)? We're doing a modern farmhouse renovation.

  17. rubiomonocoatusa says:

    @that_swi thanks for sharing!!!

  18. rubiomonocoatusa says:

    @oldhouseaddict yes! Our products work on all wood species!

  19. booghaus says:

    Looks great. I’d keep it like that!

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