[Woodfurniture] Woodfurniture So I Almost Had A Big Problem My Trusty Push Stick (Paint Stirrer) Slipped Off My Material And Down Into The Saw Luckily There Was Something In There To Stop It Otherwise My

Woodfurniture So I Almost Had A Big Problem My Trusty Push Stick (Paint Stirrer) Slipped Off My Material And Down Into The Saw Luckily There Was Something In There To Stop It Otherwise My

So I almost had a big problem My trusty push stick (Paint Stirrer) slipped off my material and down into the saw. Luckily there was something in there to stop it otherwise my hand would have been in the blade(AGAIN). So itu2019s time to make a change. What are you guys using or recommend I see people using the microjig Grripper and I see some using a push stick from milescraft2002. Or does someone have a better idea Please let me know your thoughts microjig milescraft shopaccident tablesawaccident . modernrustic reclaimed tools handmade woodworking customfurniture furniture maker upcycle garage barnwood workshop garage diyproject farmhouse table rustic carpentry woodworker woodfurniture woodturning woodtable metalfurniture farmlife diy

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  1. derek_buildcraftwoodworking says:

    Ohhh gotcha, yea. Man, microjig and a push stick. All day

  2. 2g_design_creations says:

    @ultimate.maker I have several of @microjig #grripper

  3. dichotomy_home says:

    I have a bunch of push sticks I made from 3/4 ply, so they are always handy and around everywhere, (no excuse for not using one or two). Plus I have a cheapy but sturdy Harbor Freight bright orange $4.99 push stick.

  4. bdkangaroo says:

    Buy a Saw Stop....... and a new push stick.

  5. myhoneyshandmade says:

    I use the microjig and homemade

  6. northernearly says:

    I have been interested in a microjig. But when cutting down lumber anything that is remotely push stick size I set it on a shelf under my saw. It takes me 30 seconds from the time I think about needing one to an archaic one in my hand. I don’t use one often but if I ever approach that threshold I have one quickly. Basically I take a 10” x 6” scrap and rip 1/2 down one long end about 7/8 the way. Hand saw a notch and bam done.

  7. luckypete10 says:

    I have a Gripper and love it. Easily adjustable and holds on firmly

  8. texwoodbuilds says:

    There are times that the gripper doesn’t work, but most of the time it’s a champ!

  9. __kalebg says:

    Use 3/4" ply wood for push sticks, works great!

  10. christnercustom says:

    I don't have a Saw Stop or a gripper but, I would sure like both. While the both are out of reach for me, there are some You Tube videos out there for some home made grippers. I made 2. They're no where near as nice but for the low low cost of scrap...theyre great and make me feel a lot better until I can afford the real thing!

  11. mrskwrl says:

    a sawstop? its expensive but the peace of mind and safety of your extremities seems worth it imo. the tablesaw gore pics convinced me...

  12. whiteleafwoodworking says:

    Also think about replacing the insert on that saw. You could create one out of wood even. Most saws allow it. Trace the insert of that on to a wood and the slowly raise the blade from zero. With a wood on top clamp at both ends. This will prevent your push stick from going int to the space between the blade. Also with prevent from tearing if crosscut. As well it will help with dust collection

  13. heartmomofhope says:

    @ultimate.maker i am gertint the microjig gripper for christmas...fingers cant be replaced!

  14. silverwoodworks says:

    Micro jig is the way to go.

  15. ultimate.maker says:

    @whatsyourmajormalfunction that’s a good idea! I’ll definitely do that until I get a better saw.

  16. motte.furniture says:


  17. papafiats25 says:

    Just got the gripper. Awesome!!! @microjig you won’t regret it, but u might if u don’t get it.

  18. ultimate.maker says:

    Wow thanks for all of the responses everyone 👊👍.

  19. justinbuilds says:


  20. ultimate.maker says:

    @justinbuilds I’ll have to win a small lottery first but yes a @sawstopsaws would be incredible 🙌

  21. whatsyourmajormalfunction says:

    You know.. people all seem to think newer is better.. I can do everything anybody else can do on a $4k sawstop on my $300 delta. I take my time with setups, think about what I need to do to not get hurt, and make my own safety equipment. Wasn't that many years ago that a whole building ran on one big belt drive that had a hundred moving parts. It's just common sense

  22. monkeyboysworkshop says:

    Hope you're okay dude!!! 🙈👍🏻

  23. ultimate.maker says:

    @monkeyboysworkshop Thanks Sam I’m fine just a scare!

  24. ultimate.maker says:

    @stonecitywoodworks I watched his video and it looks pretty solid. I think I’ll try it later today.

  25. ironhidewoodworks says:

    @whatsyourmajormalfunction common sense isn't so common anymore.

  26. jason_f_heller says:


  27. coloradocarved says:

    Push block combos on Amazon are super cheap!

  28. coloradocarved says:

    Never used the micro jig but heard good things.

  29. ryan_tullock says:

    The @microjig Grrripper is amazing. I touched the blade over a year ago, fortunately only lost a tiny bit of one finger. Since then got a Grrripper and i feel very confident with the control i have over the material.

  30. jacobhladik says:

    Microjig Grripper for me!

  31. wood_n_steel says:

    Careful Nate! Make a zero clearance plate and a decent push stick! @ultimate.maker

  32. s.s._design says:

    I don’t think it’s an option to not have the grr-ripper in the shop, I too need to get one. Thanks for sharing man.

  33. russell_eckhart says:

    I used to have a small jobsite Delta. I saved up all year and bought a Sawstop this year. Yes it was expensive, yes I know how to operate a table saw safely... No I don't want to injure my hands. I look at it as an investment in safety and it's the nicest tool in my shop.

  34. milescraft2002 says:

    Definitely need to keep yourself safe in the workshop. Check out the awesome safety bundle we have available on our website. You get our FeatherBoard, Grabber, and PushStick all in one bundle!!! Stay Safe!!!

  35. syrus_smitherines says:

    Proper pushsticks are really simple to make. Hell, send me your address and Ill send you one just so you wont cut off your hand.

  36. gingerbearddave says:

    Just make a few sacrificial ones! Just use material thicker than the gap so they won’t get stuck if you slip. The width will help to keep it on your work.

  37. b_and_s_magic says:


  38. pascal.lemoigne says:

    What about a zero clearance insert?

  39. magnuspablo says:

    @wood_n_steel yes Zero clearance plate would do the job way safer!

  40. hillswoodshop says:

    @microjig user here and wouldn’t change it for the world.

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