[Woodfloor] By D N A Designs For Currenthomeview So Much To Freaking Love Here A Dark Wall Treatment (I’ll Stop Talking About These After Christmas Because I’m Going Dark In The Living Woodfloor

By D N A Designs For Currenthomeview So Much To Freaking Love Here A Dark Wall Treatment (I’ll Stop Talking About These After Christmas Because I’m Going Dark In The Living Woodfloor

by d.n.a.designs for currenthomeview. So much to freaking love here. A dark wall treatment (Iu2019ll stop talking about these after Christmas because Iu2019m going dark in the living room ) cool pendant and mirror amazing stair details and Christmas decor. itu2019s all so good. And how insanely fun is that stair cutout d.n.a.designs whatu2019s the story behind that From a DIYers perspective Iu2019m totally curious houseupdated and I would love for you all to keep tagging currenthomeview so we can share our favorites : : : stair stairs staircase entryway entrywaydecor entry modernhome modernhouse modernhomedecor apartmentdecor sodomino houzz homeinspo homeimprovements homeinterior darkwalls shiplap christmas2017 woodfloor woodfloors interior125 interior444 interior design interiorinspo

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  1. d.n.a.designs says:

    @louiseannb Do it! The bold dark colours against the natural wood, make them pop and so worth the investment!

  2. d.n.a.designs says:

    @tara_douma thanks so much! ❤️ I commented at the bottom with a little story behind the cutout cubby if you’re interested, it’s a cold air intake vent!

  3. d.n.a.designs says:

    @26fragglerock thanks so much, it means a lot!

  4. d.n.a.designs says:

    @grayoakstudio we just finished the panelled black wall and before it was grey. The stairs did not get the attention they deserved until now!

  5. d.n.a.designs says:

    @almafied you’re too kind! Thanks so much!

  6. d.n.a.designs says:

    @district.eleven thank you! Its been a blast seeing this space transform!

  7. d.n.a.designs says:

    @houseupdated awe thanks! We added some plywood planks and spaced them to get a modern shiplap look and painting it black was the best decision we made! I’ll share more pics once we get the entire entry finished!

  8. 8ighties.revival says:

    I just painted a wall black yesterday! I will take pics today - can’t wait for you to see it!

  9. arrowsandbow says:

    I love that black wall!

  10. louasisliving says:

    @biggerthanthethreeofus lol ours too. We ripped out the paneling and are in Reno mode now. 😉

  11. louasisliving says:

    @d.n.a.designs yes!! It’s gorgeous!!!

  12. cuckoo4design says:


  13. julieleighlynch says:

    Love everything about this!

  14. for.the.love.of.neutrals says:

    Seriously gorgeous!!

  15. d.n.a.designs says:

    @julieleighlynch awe thanks so much! I’m flattered, I’ll pass on the love to my hubby. He does all the grunt work! 😉

  16. d.n.a.designs says:

    @arrowsandbow thanks so much! I’m a fan of light and bright but this is the perfect contrast to the rest of the entry!

  17. d.n.a.designs says:

    @for.the.love.of.neutrals ☺️you’re a doll, thank you! I learnt a few things along the way: 1) paint cracks before installing planks 2) start earlier so you’re not rushing to decorate at 2am, the day before showing your house! 🙈🤦‍♀️

  18. theheartandhaven says:

    Such a gorgeous design! Love the staircase and dark wall!

  19. suzannahstanley says:


  20. for.the.love.of.neutrals says:

    @d.n.a.designs ha!! So good to know!

  21. jdhemmerich says:


  22. norwegianwoodonline says:

    I looove this! And so excited you're going dark in your living room!!!

  23. raveinteriordesign says:

    Striking!!!! So fun!!! My next room is gonna be black!!!

  24. johnnabullard says:

    @gooddaddy01 follow this ... I love all the things

  25. sapphires_eclectic_mix says:

    Gorgeous! And I've never seen a cut out like that! Love it!

  26. julieleighlynch says:

    @d.n.a.designs lucky you

  27. d.n.a.designs says:

    @johnnabullard thank you so much! Happy to see you following along!

  28. d.n.a.designs says:

    @sapphires_eclectic_mix thank you! It’s actually a cold air intake vent! We drilled hidden holes on the top to allow the air to flow through and in behind where the actual vent is! I couldn’t stand the look of the big grid on the wall!

  29. behindthetealdoor says:

    Nice little nook under the stairs

  30. rustic_meets_modern says:

    Beautiful!! I love this!!

  31. crystalanninteriors says:

    Gorgeous 😍

  32. craveinteriors says:

    Gorgeous! Love it! 😍

  33. westelmdallas says:

    Love this!!! It’s stunning

  34. the_garth_vader says:

    @dallasdenae I like railings like this

  35. dallasdenae says:

    @the_garth_vader me too!

  36. gidneyinteriors says:

    Looks so good 👏🏻

  37. stem.and.flourish says:

    Love the dark wall!

  38. ivybrooklane says:

    Oh his is gorgeous!!

  39. ivybrooklane says:


  40. ossileyva says:


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