[Woodfurniture] First Off I Have To Say That These 3m Bluetooth WorkTunes Are Amazing They Really Do A Great Job Of Noise Reduction And I Have No Problem Hearing My Podcasts Or Music Over My Woodfurniture

First Off I Have To Say That These 3m Bluetooth WorkTunes Are Amazing They Really Do A Great Job Of Noise Reduction And I Have No Problem Hearing My Podcasts Or Music Over My Woodfurniture

First off I have to say that these 3m Bluetooth WorkTunes are amazing They really do a great job of noise reduction and I have no problem hearing my podcasts or music over my Planer noise. Even when Iu2019m not running a tool my wife has to come tap me on the shoulder because I canu2019t hear her hollering at me from 20u2019 away. But I need HELP My new iPhone X wonu2019t pair with them for some reason . Iu2019m seriously considering taking the iPhone back and getting a 7plus if I canu2019t fix this. Does anyone have any ideas iphonex 3m iphone bluetoothheadphones worktunes . modernrustic reclaimed tools handmade woodworking customfurniture furniture maker upcycle garage barnwood workshop garage diyproject farmhouse table rustic carpentry woodworker woodfurniture woodturning woodtable metalfurniture farmlife diy

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  1. makey_makey_eggs_and_bakey says:

    Get an android device

  2. ultimate.maker says:

    @makey_makey_eggs_and_bakey Hahahaha nice try 🙃

  3. othmancustomdesign.workshop says:

    I wanted to type ideas but they're all Android based. I have no idea. Are you doing the BT search? Did you try putting them really close together or touching? Have you Googled? Wishing the best. I need my tunes and can't stand to not have em.

  4. twistingthegrain says:

    @ultimate.maker #galaxy s8 , come to the dark side

  5. twistingthegrain says:

    it'll run two sets of headphones .... :)

  6. makey_makey_eggs_and_bakey says:

    @ultimate.maker darn

  7. whatsyourmajormalfunction says:

    Tell the wife not to tap you on the shoulder when you're using a saw...

  8. jarvis969 says:

    If you had the headphones paired another phone, the headphones still remember that phone. You need to find out how to reset the headphones so you can connect to your new phone.

  9. ultimate.maker says:

    @twistingthegrain tempting lol

  10. ultimate.maker says:

    @whatsyourmajormalfunction I hope she knows better

  11. ultimate.maker says:

    @jarvis969 I had them paired with my iPhone 7plus. That’s a good idea I’ll try it Thanks!

  12. whatsyourmajormalfunction says:

    Mine doesn't.. nor do the neighbors...that's why there's hammer marks in the door

  13. ultimate.maker says:

    @whatsyourmajormalfunction Hahahaha 😂

  14. jarvis969 says:

    @ultimate.maker if a hard reset is not possible, try running the headphones pairing instructions again.

  15. woodkissfurniture says:

    I need this in my life

  16. ultimate.maker says:

    @jarvis969 That worked thanks so much!!

  17. jarvis969 says:

    @ultimate.maker your welcome.

  18. supercapelo2894 says:


  19. dfporterco says:

    I just saw these at Walmart in the tool section, glanced past wondering.

  20. ultimate.maker says:

    @woodkissfurniture yes you do

  21. ultimate.maker says:

    @dfporterco I love mine. Obviously

  22. reliableonlineseller says:

    Very nice!

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