[Woodfloor] Woodfloor What Grinds Your

Woodfloor What Grinds Your

What grinds your gears

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  1. woodfloorbusiness says:

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  2. danscustom says:

    "That's not what I was expecting...."

  3. damndamn0u812 says:

    So I've been on the internet🙄

  4. excellentfloorsmd says:

    “I read online....”

  5. goodlandfloors says:

    "Our contractor friend said .."

  6. smithflooringco says:

    "Can you just blend it in the middle of the room?"

  7. robertm1979 says:

    "My painter/ neighbor/ friend can do it for much less"

  8. all_wood_floors says:

    "It's like putting together a giant puzzle"

  9. gonzalezfloorinstallations says:

    "If I knew it was this easy I would have done it myself"

  10. windy_city_hardwood_llc says:

    If I install it can you sand and finish it?

  11. artisticfloors says:

    "There is this one spot", yes it's one square inch out of 22,000 and behind the toilet. Just keeping it real.

  12. oliverflooring says:

    I really like this but can we.... add on more

  13. jamesdubyawelchko says:

    "My husband tried refinishing it..."

  14. atkflooring says:

    Can you give me a better price

  15. moderntechwf says:

    " You weren't the cheapest bid"

  16. kirkdozekfloors says:

    By far the most common and most insulting! (Wow, i'm in the wrong business!) My response now, is, its for sale! 😂😂😂😂

  17. distinctivewoodfloors says:

    I saw the guy do it like this on you tube.

  18. brian8731 says:

    After it’s all refinished and looks like night and day from before they look at it and ask me how it looks

  19. jogo311 says:

    "How much do you discount if you just sell me the stuff so I can fix it myself? I'll rent the tools at Home Depot."

  20. patrykmala says:

    @goodlandfloors @luptonchickennudel this is perfect

  21. patrykmala says:

    @goodlandfloors just had one of these clowns this week. Educating me on what the average price for sand and finish is.....because his contractor friend told him so.

  22. adventuresofamadirishman says:

    @robertm1979 I always tell them to call them back before they realize what they're getting into.

  23. glendorahardwoodflooring says:

    Can you do it for less?

  24. mnhuntfish says:

    I love when they pick out rustic floor and say "could you cut those knots out?"

  25. virtuosohardwoods says:

    "will you be staining it today?" on the first day of a big job

  26. paragon_hardwood_floors says:

    "Do you do laminate?" Or "We want engineered".

  27. thetodd75 says:

    Just heard this yesterday " I was just going to do it myself but I don't have time " 😂yeah sure you could!

  28. artisan.flooring says:

    I'm asked this one a lot: "How do you sand the floor? Do you use a sander?" My response is no I get on my hands and knees and use sandpaper by hand. 😁

  29. treadline_hardwood says:

    My favorite is when they think they should have a discount because we ended up ahead of schedule...same price????...... Ahhh yeah!!!😂😂😂

  30. patmam says:

    how do you know you put even varnish everywhere? haha

  31. cf12driver68 says:

    “Will it look like that?” when I’m not done yet. I always enjoyed turning and looking at them and saying “it looks incomplete because it is incomplete” and then enjoying the look of befuddlement on their faces.

  32. atchleyhardwood says:

    "How much would you charge just to sand the floors, and we can put on the stain and finish?"

  33. mattydeejigsawtimberfloors says:

    "Yes,you will have lights and power inside before you start..."

  34. mattydeejigsawtimberfloors says:

    When you finish a final coat and they're looking in through the window while it's still wet...."excuse me,but I didn't want the floor that shiny...."

  35. mattydeejigsawtimberfloors says:

    When they see that flog Ronnie from the Block cranking up his 6inch drum sander without a bag and realising it is that easy a job....

  36. murcofloorcraft says:

    @artisan.flooring But thats how Mr Myagi taught me..... "left a circle... right a circle.... left.... riggt.... whole a floor Daniel san" lol

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