[Woodfloor] Woodfloor Here’s Another Angle Of The Mappa Burl Coffee Table We Are Giving Away Soon Make Sure You Turn On Post Notifications So You Don’t Miss This Giveaway When We Announce

Woodfloor Here’s Another Angle Of The Mappa Burl Coffee Table We Are Giving Away Soon Make Sure You Turn On Post Notifications So You Don’t Miss This Giveaway When We Announce

Hereu2019s another angle of the Mappa Burl Coffee Table we are giving away soon Make sure you turn on post notifications so you donu2019t miss this giveaway when we announce it

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  1. doc13_shant says:

    You need the get outta my head man!! Thats exactly what I saw in my minds eye! Great execution 👏🏼👌🏼Thats art right there, and whoever wins needs to contact me. 😀

  2. naturesbeautywoodworking says:

    Great now (if I don't win) I'll have to build one like this for my son!! Thanks JMD 🤙🤙😁

  3. breezeuschrist says:

    @jeffmackdesigns you don't need to bother with a random drawing. You can just give it me, I won't mind.

  4. banyurzkprtm says:

    Good look 👍👍

  5. seema1577 says:

    Love love love this table!

  6. diggthiss says:

    What a beaut!

  7. tyler_lippy_ says:

    I will pay shipping ;)

  8. southerncarpenter says:

    like the way mitered the corners look real good

  9. generatemagazine says:


  10. jbeeks_ says:

    This looks so amazing.

  11. danbaconman says:

    Sooo nice! I like that it has a retro feel with the legs and a modern on top but goes together so well

  12. bellcustomhomes says:

    Well done!

  13. afinepress says:

    Whoa! That burl!

  14. vanlaarwoodworks says:

    That thing is money

  15. jordan.pelis says:

    I love the wood

  16. arristos says:

    Я эту фигню вижу уже в 10й раз. Это домашнее задание в школе было?

  17. plvmbing says:


  18. tyler_lippy_ says:

    I will give you one of my wife’s for this table!

  19. aurelienlebeau says:

    En quelle bois est le dessus ?

  20. melissabdowney says:


  21. saaabreena says:

    @tacticalpanda615 we need this in our house. It’ll be perfect.

  22. thepickygirl says:


  23. tgodayz says:

    This is gorgeous ! I’ll give you my brother, 5 chickens and 1 cow

  24. vicandvelour says:

  25. dabaroku says:

    Beautiful work 👍🏻

  26. steve_anderson_ says:

    Museum quality piece

  27. cody_soviar says:


  28. janko.nik says:


  29. ivyleague_hospitality says:

    ◾ Ivy League wants you to enjoy $10 off, any of our event packages! Hope to see you for the Holidays ◾

  30. nathanknight194 says:


  31. joshuaanderson2 says:


  32. lpamathews says:

    Beautiful wood, you have a great page 👍🏻

  33. hatchlinghomegoods says:


  34. point2photo_ says:

    @kf_real masz

  35. anchorprojectsandconstruction says:

    Stellar piece!

  36. gain_guide says:

    what’s the dimensions of the legs?

  37. tyler_lippy_ says:

    Ahhhh, morning wood is the best! ;) I would be honored if I won!

  38. seeker_new_era says:

    I was looking into something like this, looks beautiful @jeffmackdesigns

  39. strolling_through_on_a_cloud says:

    @jeffmackdesigns how do I enter? So gorgeous!

  40. fustarules says:

    Nice!🌲🌳🌴 @fustarules

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