[Woodenfloor] Woodenfloor So Need This In My Home Hmm Where Can It Go And Could I Fool The Other Half That I’ve Had It For

Woodenfloor So Need This In My Home Hmm Where Can It Go And Could I Fool The Other Half That I’ve Had It For

So need this in my home hmm where can it go and could I fool the other half that I've had it for ages

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  1. nikkib.stylist says:

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  2. lisaarrowsmith says:

    Tell him you made it!!?? 🤣🤣🤣

  3. nikkib.stylist says:

    What a bloody good idea @lisaarrowsmith 👍🏻

  4. sharonbradley27 says:

    @nikkib.stylist expect we have all read this message including your husband 😂

  5. uniquemindsuk says:

    Want one too Nik; get two and we can tell them both they were buy one get one free! Xxx

  6. samphireandseasalt says:

    My friend used to have a Harvey Nics addiction. At the back of her wardrobe, dress after dress she’d puuurchased and not worn. When she got one out she’d say ‘what this old thing’ to her hubby. Say you got it off a secret admirer...that will distract him! 😆 x

  7. blackshorestyle says:

    Get him to buy it fir you for Valentine’s Day 😂 💚

  8. nikkib.stylist says:

    @sharonbradley27 he still wouldn't have a clue 🤣

  9. nikkib.stylist says:

    @uniquemindsuk I've an even better idea, I'll tell him you bought it for me💙

  10. nikkib.stylist says:

    @samphireandseasalt I also have an addiction with 👢👡👠 😆 Like it and I could say he likes me a lot hence why such a big heart 💕💋

  11. nikkib.stylist says:

    Thinking about it he didn't get me any thing for Valentines, in fact his got off lightly for years!!!!! @blackshorestyle🖤

  12. linda_desmond says:

    Of course you can Nikki 🤣

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